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Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Thinking and Living.

Did you realize (because I hadn’t until I wanted to put in a title for this post) that the subtitle of my blog Unschool Me Today was “Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Living and Thinking” ?


In this post written a few weeks back I had mentioned that the reason why I have not been writing as regularly on this blog is because I have moved on with other things in my life which I have found to be more fulfilling and more meaningful and I think it’s simply a reflection of my personal growth.

For those of you who connect with me on Facebook and have been keeping tabs on my activities you might have come across an announcement I made sometime last year that I had decided to shift my skills away from ESL to Coaching.

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Education the great unequalizer. – learning English as a 2nd language.

One of the most naive assumptions I have made in life is that it is through education that a person has the best chance to shape his own destiny. Actually, education drives further apart the initial small divide. People with certain professions get to live in certain areas which gives them access to certain schools. People who are misinformed or less informed send their children unwittingly to “the wrong school”. This has serious repercussions; if you go to the wrong school, you’re going to miss experiencing certain things or learning from certain great mentors and these differences greatly affect how you shape your world beyond your education experience.

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