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Get out of school – NOW!

Year : 2008. Get out of school NOW if you haven’t done so yet is akin to getting out of the mass-comm-advertising-marketing train back in 1995. From Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey of the Davinci Institute : This future learning system will start outside our existing education systems sometime within the next two years, and cause a revolution to begin. It will be greeted by some with open arms, welcomed by most inside our existing education system, but will eventually force new systems to develop, and schools as we know them today will cease to exist within ten years. Their replacement will be far better. Continue reading


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The hidden curriculum

I don’t know how many children grew up with a sense that there is something ominous and wrong about how schooling is conducted : how nonsensical, contradicting and counter-productive many of its cultures, beliefs and behaviours are. I spent most of my schooling years planting the seed of discovering the truth about schooling. Depending on whether or not you believe in the powers of the subconscious mind, that was what inevitably led me to become a schoolteacher to experience hands-on from the other side of the divisive authority of classroom. Were teachers and administrators really as helpless as they seem to be about creating real change in the way young mind’s are ‘moulded’? Continue reading

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