We, the last of the 20th century parents and teachers.

“We, the last of the 20th Century”

……….is the first part of a story I’m writing to try and make sense of a world where parents and teachers don’t listen to and trust the people who will shape the next generation. Their actions will cause millions of young people born between 1988 and 2005 to fall into the lower end of the M-society first proposed by¬†Japanese business strategist and writer Kenichi Ohmae in 2006.

Dear children,

We are the last generation of teachers and parents of the 20th century. Most of us were born between 1955 and 1975 here in Asia. During that time Asia was still reeling from the shackles of their colonial masters and the domain at the heart of our economy was agriculture.¬† We were born right after World War II and never quite understood how history happened; we just knew we were living in a world where everyone was racing to build, build and build and there was this hunger to acquire things, more things, improve our status in life. Continue reading “We, the last of the 20th century parents and teachers.”


The Indigo Child as an Adult

I’ve recently discovered the concept of Indigo Child.

Many adults feel that by forcing children to conform to traditions where children must obey and behave, conform to institutions like state-authorities (legal,schooling,working) children will grow up to be good. But they cannot understand that if continue to raise children in the image of a dysfunctional society we then subject them to inherit unquestioned beliefs about what living means. Continue reading “The Indigo Child as an Adult”