Could my life be an indicator on whether there’s a chance to transform educators for 21st Century Learning? – Part 1 of 2

You may think this is nothing, but this is EVERYTHING : Parents and educators cannot possibly understand the urgency for this push towards a future of education without comprehending the disruptions brought by social media, the Information Age, globalization and the concepts of Revolutionary Wealth.

OK, so it’s a coincidence I love the anthropology part of economics (gee, what’s with the non-capitalization, English teacher?) and I was a student of advertising. So, OK, I heard the conversations in the corridor concerning the fallout of media because I was working with AC Nielsen Media back in 99 (thereabouts). So, OK, I got a taste of the convenience and potential of technology because I worked as a “not really here or there” curator and writer of sorts for the Communications Department of Technology Park Malaysia. Continue reading “Could my life be an indicator on whether there’s a chance to transform educators for 21st Century Learning? – Part 1 of 2”


How are analogue teachers preparing their students for a digital future?

Went to sleep with some questions : Just how off tangent am I from the goals and purpose I had set out about teaching? Am  I asking the right questions? If I had the right thought 1-2 years ago, how much of that belief would still be relevant in the context of the rapid change and increased channels those change have brought to amplify or execute that thought?

In trying to put it in words the contents of a fuzzy dream that seemed to stretch hours: You are standing at the leading edge of thought. It is true because you wonder;you will be the generation that witnesses the crossover to the intergalactic civilization. You are the last of the analogue/atom age. Choose your battles and efforts not from the perspective of what’s gone wrong but what needs to be.

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Intrinsic Motivation

When it comes to Love, what causes Love? Is  there a formula, a series of  “to-do”, a manual on how to love something? Is it a question of “I love you because…” or “Because I love you”?

Like many other things in life (such as Love or Electricity) the processes that we cannot see are more powerful than the ones we can measure and calculate. We cannot measure Love nor put a price to it but it is Love for a purpose that drives the inventor to fail 1000 times in making a bulb, it is Love for music or art that drives the composer and the artist to forego a dayjob and concentrate on their masterpiece. It is love for an ideal that galvanised the Civil Rights Movement. What drives Love to take those actions, to believe in those causes? What drives us to risk convenience, our pride, our selfish material gains?

It’s neither the upbringing nor the award. It’s neither the punishments nor the cautions. It’s Intrinsic Motivation that makes one learner more successful than the other. Continue reading “Intrinsic Motivation”