Is there a future in teaching English?

I think EFL/ESL as we know it will see its decline in the next 5 to 10 years as non-native speakers become more wired and networked and urban migration continues to increase. They will have a lot more opportunities to pick up the language naturally as well as immerse themselves more as both geographical and other barriers are lowered and non-native speakers outnumber native speakers. (How else would non-native speakers communicate with each other except in English?)

Fallout in ESL and education throughout the world.

I believe that the fallout in the ESL-industry is inevitable. First, there are pockets of people who are pushing for Esperanto but more importantly, there is now a critical mass of non-native English speakers who are effectively bilingual and proficient in the language. I believe that the number of non-native English speakers who can read, write and speak at a level of a professional, educated native speaker has exceeded the total number of native-English language speakers. Continue reading “Fallout in ESL and education throughout the world.”