The battles with Education will go on and on until it is broken and replaced.

It’s too late to reform and it’s too late to convince other people how they’re thinking about education is wrong. To quote Alvin Toffler, “We’re going to see battles in country after country until this system is broken and replaced.”

I know a lot of people are angry at school for a lot of different reasons. But we don’t have to focus on the fact that it punishes us for mistakes, make us wake up early, force us to conform, kills our creativity, stifle our natural learning styles and aptitudes, makes us so bored that we no longer have a purpose in life, takes away all our precious time in our youth making us do boring, meaningless repetitive drill-work, pressure us to do useless exams which measure nothing, wastes our time and money and energy and our potential to be better.

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I hear what you say and I want to quit school – what should I do?

Do you feel like this student?

I read your book. I don’t want to be sitting in a classroom where I’m treated like a machine and trained for the Industrial Age. I want to quit school. I don’t intend to stop learning, I want to read and visit all parts of the world but I don’t want to sit in the classroom anymore.

What do you tell your parents?

What you know :

  • You can’t keep doing more of “schooling” trying to get better at it for the future.
  • The world you will be in requires you to have an ability to understand intangible knowledge. Knowledge changes so fast that you need to know the WHY and the HOW behind the what.
  • Children are different. Children must be treated differently.
  • Our institutions are hopelessly obsolete. ¬†We will see one by one institutions collapse – An Institutional Hurricane Katrina.

What you need to know :

  • You learn more outside of school than you do in school.
  • Why shouldn’t we bring more of those outside people who know more (know anyone like this?) into our schools?
  • Why not take kids out and show them how the world works?
  • Mistake : they think we’re moving into a society which is more and more uniform. But we are moving from a mass-society to a diversified market. So why should everyone have the same type of education?
  • Why can’t one student start at 5, another at 7……some learn at night, some in the morning, etc.etc.

Questions you need to ask:

  • Why should you depend only on your schoolteachers to be the only ones providing useful knowledge?
  • Why can’t you find other adults from the outside world who is capable of leading you and helping you make sense of this intangible knowledge you need to be aware of?

I want to hear your thoughts and comments.