21st Century : Future of Education

From Thomas Frey of the Da Vinci Institute

Introduction to my reposts, rewrite and reflections of Thomas Frey’s Future of Education essay.

Part 1 – The 8 Driving Forces changing education from the outside.

Part 2 : Setting the stage for future education : democratization of the learning process and nurturing confident learners.

Part 3: The Shape of Education to Come.

Why School is a bad idea. (Excerpts from Ken Robinson’s The Element.)

John Abbott : 21st Century Learning Initiative  : Introduction

My own posts :

We, the last of the 20th Century teachers and parents…..

Watch these :  Alvin Toffler, REVOLUTIONARY WEALTH.


3 thoughts on “21st Century : Future of Education

  1. Wow! So right! My daughter spent so much time in school being told not to be creative. Music is not important, neither is art…or creative writing for that matter. Must finish the workbook, text, whatever, learn to fill in the circle, must remember a host of minutia in order to score well on the “fill in the circle tests”……. Ick!

  2. teacher…..nw wht should we do???
    feel very presure lo~everytime want exam!!!
    then say that the school less than 10years will close》》》

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