Apa Cina Mahu – part 2.

The vote counting is over. Time to count our blessings. There’s no genocides, no street violence. Apa lagi Anwar Ibrahim mau?

I have lost all faith in Pakatan Rakyat after knowing about the 100,000 strong crowd at Kelana Jaya. Is that a sign of “respecting the democratic process”? They cannot even see themselves for who they are even if a mirror was held up to them.

Do I sympathize with the sense of defeat and loss Pakatan Rakyat is reeling from? Yes, but why do they have to take it so personally.

Everyone is so focused on BN cheating but no one is focused on the fact that Pakatan Rakyat is not well organized and plays “not to lose” whereas BN has experience and strategy and a PLAY TO WIN attitude.

In the midst of all this blaming and accusations running wild I see a few sparks from mainstream media :

The Barisan Nasional has proven that it is a faithful friend to members of its coalition. In my earlier post “Apa Cina Mau” I played the Devil’s Advocate to ask BN to axe MCA out. The premise of that came from a conversation I had with a taxi driver UMNO supporter who picked me up from the Sungai Nibong bus station when I got back to Penang.

He had asked me (and this was the night before the Utusan Malaysia article), “Kenapa Cina tak suka MCA?” The tone of his voice made me realize that UMNO is a much more faithful friend to MCA than PRK will ever be, based on current sentiments, to DAP or even PKR to PAS. Rather than BLAME MCA for losing so much support and costing BN seats UMNO wondered how to salvage the credibility of its friend and save it from becoming obsolete.

I am actually rather surprised that UMNO-supporters view MCA favorably. If they view MCA favorably and they know that MCA is there as the voice of the Chinese then is it possible that they can also simultaneously be racists against the Chinese at the same time?

This question sat and percolated in my mind for one night until I saw the APA CINA MAU headlines the following day (and the uproar that ensued). I wrote my “Apa Cina Mau” post on Tuesday to see what would resonate with UMNO supporters who would look it up.

By Wednesday I saw this statement by Barisan Nasional secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor  :

“Tengku Adnan said that MCA is dismayed over the poor results in the recent general election and it could still be reeling from it.

He said this was what made the MCA leadership to reaffirm its earlier decision that it would not take up any offers to hold government posts.

“Perhaps they feel rejected because from the results it looked like the Chinese voter base has shifted their support to DAP.

“Honestly, MCA is a party with a structure and it has fought long and hard for the ethnic community.

What a faithful friend, I thought to myself. There I was on Monday night trying to instigate the UMNO taxi driver and saw that what I said did not trigger any sense of blame from him towards MCA. On Tuesday I wrote my “Apa Cina Mau” and though it ended up on the bottom of the first page on Google search for those words it elicited no negative reactions. On Wednesday I see UMNO coming out in the news to proclaim the loyalty to have MCA’s back.

I believe the affection is mutual. All this while MCA must have had UMNO’s back to deserve this mutual affection. In fact I think UMNO realizes that MCA has stood by UMNO at the expense of its party losing credibility and relevance to the Chinese community. MCA might suffer a sudden demise and see the end of its political legacy because of how it stuck its own neck out to defend UMNO and the BN coalition.

I was discussing with friends on Monday night about why I said what I said on my facebook that BN deserved to win. I related it back to the principles we are learning about business and life so that they are able to detach themselves from mass emotions and focus on lessons we can learn. In the end when I broke down the theories and details they saw what I saw that BN simply had a better strategy and a better strategy is only possible because of trust and mutual co-operation, something Pakatan Rakyat, their supporters themselves admit from time to time, sorely lacks.

Taking it to the streets and stadiums simply because one did not have a better strategy is simply not democratic. Taking it to the streets, to me, is an adopted culture. We are not Filipinos and we are not Westerners. We are Malaysians.

As I am writing this my comments I’m getting on my facebook posts are saying that black t-shirts have a right to vent their frustrations. I suppose to a certain extent I agree with it but I am concerned that grassroots UMNO and BN supporters who have yet to cool down themselves will see the Pakatan supporters as “kurang ajar”. Humans, being humans, a lot of things will be said and done in moments of anger and frustration that in time we all will regret how we let emotions over-rule us and upset our sense of balance.  Ever been in a fight with your spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend? You know what I mean.

Rather than vent and throw tantrums and be frustrated can we take this all sitting down like mature people? Just accept that we played the game the best we could and we have lessons to learn from it. Losing is not personal. It’s a process. It’s a time for reflection.

When emotions over-rule logic Ego takes over. The need to be right will over-ride the need to be compassionate. The UMNO-led BN has admitted in mainstream media that all awhile they have been focused on the rural areas and now it’s time to understand the sentiments of the urban and the young up and coming who grew up in a world of niches and demassification of society ; meaning they  as a generation reject anything mass per se.

So let’s work towards that. Personally, I don’t really care if an UMNO-led coalition stays in power for the next 500 years. But psychologically I care about the fact that “a body at rest will tend to stay at rest” and stagnation stumps all forms of growth and expansion.

I want change not because I take all BN’s silliness personally but I want change simply because things need to change. I don’t even believe that heterosexual monogamy works for more than 20% of people out there and 80% of people need “change” in their relationships as they develop and grow as individuals. I don’t even believe that one religion works for everyone and that a person can change from one perspective of religion to another without making the religion they grew up in wrong for everyone else. I don’t even believe that one should only stick to one’s mother tongue and not “change” as social and economic patterns change.

I worry about people who want change because they hate what they have. I want change because I love what I have always had and I am ready to expand and experience more.

If I have to make my final stand clear to everyone it is that I have a lot of respect for what DAP and Lim Guan Eng has achieved and done for Penang. I also have a lot of respect for UMNO for having the backs of their coalition members and understanding what rural people want. I believe, MCA, like Gerakan, has ceased to be relevant to the Chinese community.

I do not think the Chinese are essentially racist – they are simply more HUNGRY, more educated, more progressive, more competitive and their common denominator is that they want to ensure a future of vibrant social and economic reciprocity for their children in this country.

But the Chinese have alienated themselves, no thanks to Dong Zong, by not being able to speak Malay well and that gives them an imagined sense of alienation and a real sense of discrimination.

Everything in extremes is bad. The Chinese being efficient ensure that they almost always don’t waste whatever little resources that they have and will manage to make something out of nothing. But they are so efficient that they find that learning Bahasa Melayu is a waste of time and resources.

If the Malays were economically more progressive or advanced in areas of new pockets of wealth and growth the Chinese, with their utilitarian values, will not have the same arguments they have now justifying their resistance towards learning Malay. The Malay language is not a difficult language to learn and because Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa truly reflects reality the resistance towards “the rural jiwa” is the premise behind the resistance towards learning Malay.

This resistance towards the language took a life of its own when the generalization of the resistance transcended culture, identity, values, religion…..I believe the actual cause of Chinese resistance, and they may not realize this themselves, is not towards anything Malays or Islam stands for. The actual resistance is towards backwardness and a lack of vision towards continued prosperity and abundance – values that drive the ethnic Chinese, conditioning and modelling that gets passed down generation after generation.



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Apa Cina Mau? (What Do the Chinese community in Malaysia want now?)

We want UMNO to remain relevant to the Malays and to be the voice of the rural and working class Malays. We want, well, speak for myself :

I want UMNO to represent the voice and the rights of the Malay people who have yet to realize they are in the 21st century and that they are not a separate species from the rest of humankind.

I want UMNO to stop allowing MCA and MIC to bleed them off of seats and to axe off the MCA and MIC who have been poaching power and seats riding on the back of the strength of UMNO. Where would MCA and MIC really be if they did not piggy back on the strength of UMNO all these years?

I want UMNO to stop being so accommodating to MCA because MCA does not represent the voice of the Chinese people and are only taking UMNO for a ride by making the BN believe they have the support of the Chinese and urban community.

I cannot see MCA and Gerakan’s relevance in today’s age and time. But I do see MIC’s relevance in their particular niches. BN can support MIC in those areas through financial support and other campaigning aid when election comes around.

But there is no need for UMNO to give MIC a claim to fame on their BN platform or give MIC disproportionate claim to power in the matters of the nation’s policies. The Indian community would be better off if they identified themselves as Malaysian than they would as Indians needing “protection” from big-brother.

The idea of needing a political party to represent your ethnic voice is obsolete and damaging to our self-esteem as a nation.

Having said that MCA , like Gerakan, is totally irrelevant and that MIC is relevant only to a very limited extent I must say definitely see UMNO’s relevance and legitimate representation of certain demographics of the Malay community.

You have to be able to see the trees from the forest. BN’s strength comes from UMNO, yes, and that’s one part of the equation. But UMNO, by itself, as a political party, has a right to champion and defend its own ideologies and rhetoric, even if we don’t necessarily agree with them.

Sure, BN cheated but NOT BECAUSE it is UMNO-led or because it is a BN-coalition : BN “cheated” , or rather, with malicious intent, legally took advantage of technical loopholes, simply because, as an organism, it is willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES FOR ITS SURVIVAL.

That willingness to play to win is a form of virtue in my terms and if any organization wants to succeed it’d better be willing to have a do-or-die attitude.

I don’t think BN is as bad as people think they are. Childish tactics to win parliament is a lot better than genocide. As long as there is no economic sabotage or social disruption I think all is fair in love and war.

I know plenty of you who have colored yourself with prejudice and hatred to such an extent you cannot even fathom the rationale of what I am saying here. You will jump in your pants thinking I am so “stupid” to not blame BN and UMNO.

But that is what my training has taught me : stop projecting, do not blame, take 100% responsibility, be the change I want to see, do whatever it takes and bless that which I want.

I will end by saying I appreciate and respect UMNO’s legitimate right to represent the voice of its community even when the rest of you who are more “educated” think your intellect is superior to theirs.

I will also add that I view with full compassion the fears of a certain demographic of Malays and I urge you all to view their fears with compassion rather than judge them by your own standards of competency.

Finally, I,  formerly known as Chinese and Malaysian but now known simply as a Penangite will answer WHAT DO CINA MAU with this : Cina mau sama-sama cari makan, dapat meluangkan masa dengan keluarga, dapat hidup harmoni dan jalan-jalan cari makan / makan angin.

Personally, I want UMNO to redeem the pride of the Malays by empowering them economically. I want UMNO to provide a psychological comfort and sense of security to its little children. I want UMNO to have a solid administration and governance of their strongholds.

And I want UMNO to know it’s time to let MCA and MIC go even if it means losing the cabinet and focusing instead on the progress and development of the rural Malays.

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How To Write A Book And Get Rich.

You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out,

You put your left foot in and you shake it all about. …………………blah blah……..that’s what it’s all about!

OK, now get that song out of your head! 😀

Here’s What It’s All About. 

Have you ever thought of writing your own book? This guy got kicked out of school when he was 15 and it was book-writing that got him out of poverty to making millions.

That might just work for us too since most of us either have kids already out of school or we’re seriously thinking of pulling them out. What would it mean to them if their mom/dad got a book published and became an authority on some niche? Would make them proud, I think!

In my capacity now as a Life and Entrepreneur coach I can see how having a book published is like having a business-card on steroids, a flyer, brochure, marketing campaign all at once.

Having a book adds credibility to what we do professionally, the message we put out there in the world, the message people pay us to listen to, to learn from. (Yeah, I got tired of dishing out free advice and tired of blogging for fun. Now I want to write for money.)

Whether it’s homebirthing or homeschooling (got a friend who has a DVD and book out about homebirthing) or anything under the sky we can only ever get paid for anything if we position and package ourselves as an expert in that field. Whether or not we really are is not a matter of content, it’s a matter of delivery.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything – just one thing that other people aren’t experts at. And people will pay you for it. Like me, I’m an expert at telling people the potential I see in them. I’m an expert at learning and an expert at teaching how to learn. I’m definitely not an expert in a lot of other things you are an expert in. But I leverage on what I’m an expert at – persuasion.

Some people will add that I’m an expert at pushing their buttons and annoying the crap out of them. But still – for every admirer you need a detractor. You can’t do anything worth doing if you’re not going to get someone criticizing you over it. You homeschoolers know what I mean – we get a bunch of people always criticizing us for something worthy we want to do for our own kids.

Whatever profession you currently find yourself in or whatever NGO activities and personal interests you’re investing your time and effort in you can actually GET PAID for what you know and get paid A LOT MORE if you have a book published. (Watch video of story of renovation business guy.)

Want more revenue, more sales, more leads?

Own a pesticide company, an organic farm or maybe you are online clothing wholesaler? Or you’re currently teaching a course on Reiki or Internet Marketing or How To Hedge a Hedge Hog? Have potted plants, do animal rescue, know how to organize camps and outings for homeschoolers? Have secret recipes and secret gardens and or perhaps hold the secrets of being an animal whisperer? Have a cause you’re fighting for, a story of a group of people / species you can lend your voice to and write about? Or maybe like me, you hold the key to Secrets of DIY Organic Learning – 7 Steps to Effective Left and Bright Rain ..I mean, Right Brain, Learning?

(I don’t know how I’m going to pull that one off but I’ve made a vow and the Universe is just going to send me the people and information I need to get that Secrets to DIY OL out one day!)

How long have you been thinking about writing a book?

Gerry Roberts is doing a seminar in Singapore March 22 – 24th and Success Resources has given me a small, limited supply of tickets worth SGD$3,999 at an UNBELIEVABLE price in RM. (The benefits of being a seminar-junkie and a decent persuader.)

If you watch the video below you’ve already missed the GBP200 ticket for the 2-hour evening that happened last Tuesday, January 29th.

What you can get is to go to the LIVE workshop and get the following bonuses :

how to publish a book_4

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Read this article here to know how you can get a very limited supply of tickets that are offered to me at a very special price.

At least tell me how I did on this article? A departure from my usual content (which, honestly, I’m sick and tired of complaining about the school system) I realize………but how could I have written this article better in order to get you interested in coming with me to this workshop? (If you were ever so inclined.)

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Check your calendar : It’s not yet April!

I’m just going to  do it – I’m going to get half a dozen books out in the next two years. Prolific, yes. That way I can die in peace.

I’ve been struggling with getting a few books out there. I am not even sure what I’m struggling against or with. I just know there are books in my head that for one reason or another is just not taking that leap from inside my head to someone else’s hands.

I seriously need to just commit and take action and do it. This is not a prank – I repeat, this is NOT a PRANK.

Any of you bloggers, thinkers and armchair philosophers out there who are feeling me? You know that there is just a book (or two, or three) in you that needs to just GET OUT THERE so you can die in peace? You know that feeling, right? You feel like you have this message you need to share with the world, thoughts that keep you conscious, thoughts that percolate like gourmet coffee that entice the cogitations of others.

Would you like to be a published author and add a 5-figure income to your bank account before the end of this year?

Would you like to get your message out there, to have your kids hold a copy of your book and say, “My mom / dad wrote that, you know?”

Would you like to put an end to the over-simplistic, cliched and over-rated local literature in English that you see out there?

How would you like the idea of you leaving a legacy behind?

I’m sure, like me, you’d love that. Because, like me, I’m sure you’ve seen enough garbage writing getting published on a daily basis. It’s time for you an ME to step up and claim our stage in the literary world. Actually, I couldn’t care less about the fame. I’m all about the money. Give me an opportunity to make money that aligns with my joie de vivre and I’m game.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to have more money in their life having fun doing what they love?

So, if you silently said “YES” to the above “How would you….” questions, I’m sure, like me, you’d also have this shadow statements accompany them :

  • what if I’m not good enough?
  • what if my books don’t sell?
  • would I actually have the time?

OK, honey – some coaching for you. Here’s the same advice I gave myself :

  • If it were true I’m not good enough for writing I’d never be good enough for anything. This “not good enough” feeling permeates more than one area of my life! It’s pervasive! And if it were true I’m not good enough I’d never get irritated by all that crap being published out there. (Repeats affirmation : I am good enough. Every master was once a disaster.)
  • I know a lot of people who have more books in stock than books being bought. That is why I’m investing in something that has mentored Richard Tan (CEO of Success Resources) to sell over 100,000 of his book. If you think you’ve never heard of it, well, NEITHER HAVE I! And at this point in time I couldn’t care less if no one’s heard of me or my book – I’d be happy to pocket $1 a book anyway! (That’s $100,00o in the bank that I would welcome!)make more money network marketing

Would I actually have the time?

Will we ever if we don’t make the time? Let’s just focus on this and get our book out there and make some spare change for the rest of this year, and next, OK? And if we found the process of how to do it JUST ONCE, like sex, or homebirthing, or driving a car, the second, third, fourth time,…it just gets easier.

You’re not limited to publishing only ONE BOOK PER LIFETIME. 🙂

Here’s Law of Attraction working : I got wind of this workshop. And I want you to come with me and take this journey with me.

I’m going to go there and I’m going to get a book out and I’m going to make a million bucks in passive income from book sales. If you think I’m nuts it just means you’ve never earned a million bucks selling your books, HA!
And if you think I might be TRULY NUTS ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY MAKE THAT COME TRUE then you must join me in my journey. What better way to move out of inertia than to attach yourself to an entity that is unstoppable and breaks through all those “safety barriers” that have kept you from getting a few chunks of your brilliance out there in the world?

This self-gloating might be new to you, so, I suppose you just need a spoonful of sugar and get used to it. If you can get used to my self-assured arrogance in the past (and boy have I made some mistakes in life!) you can get used to my new “claiming of one’s own brilliance.” Enough of playing small. Time to stop swimming like a duck and fly with the eagles.

So, who’s with me? (Read to the end……..don’t stop!)

how to publish a book_1

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, it’s about time she got a book out!” (Why, thank you for the love and support!)

Here’s what we’re going to cover, together, you and me, the next “Malaysia’s best-selling authors” team. (I’m selective about who I hang with, but I really like you, you see.)

  • We’re going to learn how to WRITE the RIGHT book that’s going to bring in the money. (so many books in our head, right? I know, I have the EXACT same problem.)
  • We’ll get a system, a process, a whip to our butts to just BLOODY DO IT.
  • Wow, get someone else to fund our money-making book-writing adventure. Sounds good! Worth a try!
  • Get credibility.
  • GET THE BOOKS SOLD over and over and over again.

Sloane, what’s this going to cost? A lot, right?

Yup! A whopping SGD$3,999 (www.xe.com) but FOR TODAY ONLY (you know lah all those seminar specials….) SGD$2,499 + applicable taxes.

So, OK, I’m half-scared putting myself out there and committing to write a book that’s actually going to make me money. But I know a lot of my friends have the same dreams and fears that I  do. Right?

But we’re going to make the money back X 1,000. That’s the commitment I’m making to myself and like a lot of things in life we just need to take a leap of faith and by GOD will the Universe bend over backwards to support us once we make a decision! (You know that!)

What if……..?

Of course I’m afraid to fail! Of course I’m afraid all of you are going to laugh at me. Of course I’m worried about being judged by more fabulous Malaysian writers who are already published and pooh-pooh my nonsense of a blog here. But I’m so tired of living half of who I really am. I want to show my child, my students, that life is about setting goals, about living our dreams, about taking that chance to allow ourselves to shine for just one moment (cue : lagu Whitney, Superbowl, 1991) ………

There’s a money back guarantee. 

The event is in Singapore. You can consider it as taking a holiday and if you’re not happy after the first day :

how to publish a book_2

If money is a bit of a problem for you right now it won’t be once your book sells a few thousand copies. No, seriously, if you are interested, inbox me on facebook. I’ve got a great once in a lifetime deal and I will only share it with people who are in this with me.

If you don’t ask, I don’t have to tell but I trust you will also get an incredible value from paying the full price of SGD$2499 anyway. But if you ask you’re probably taking yourself seriously that THIS IS THE YEAR YOUR FAMILY IS GOING TO GET A PUBLISHED AUTHOR bringing in a few thousand extra bucks to the household.

If you’ve been reading my blogs and you believe in my potential to get a book published and make thousands from it, if you believe I deserve that, know that I feel EXACTLY the same about you too. I want to see you succeed alongside with me. Really. Truly.

You might be exactly like me, having a voice but not believing you actually have anything worth writing about. But you’ve always wondered what it would be like to get published. Right? You’ve always wondered how some really crap books get published in the first place. Be honest, you’ve seen those!

Even if you and I end up writing a crap book – heck, at least we got that out of our system. And made some money. 🙂

Write to me to know how you can come to this workshop no matter what your budget is. You simply have to trust the fact that I am in a leveraged position you can take advantage of.

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Big Bad Me.

I had promised that my posts would not exceed 1,000 words but I overshot the last one by 440 words …thereabouts.

Sincerest apologies and thank you, thank you, thank you for your investment in time in reading my posts!

Happy 12/12/12!!!!

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Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Thinking and Living.

Did you realize (because I hadn’t until I wanted to put in a title for this post) that the subtitle of my blog Unschool Me Today was “Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Living and Thinking” ?


In this post written a few weeks back I had mentioned that the reason why I have not been writing as regularly on this blog is because I have moved on with other things in my life which I have found to be more fulfilling and more meaningful and I think it’s simply a reflection of my personal growth.

For those of you who connect with me on Facebook and have been keeping tabs on my activities you might have come across an announcement I made sometime last year that I had decided to shift my skills away from ESL to Coaching.

Continue reading


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I’ve got twenty minutes on my hands while I wait for a download and an appointment about 2 hours from now. Time to kill!


Here’s what I’m going to do though : I’m going to reblog one of  most recent posts  in Plain English. Well, Manglish in certain parts! I actually sound a lot like how I write and I don’t realize it’s intimidating! (Maybe I do but maybe there’s a part of me that likes going BOO!)

Here goes :

I don’t blog as much these days. I have moved on to other things that are in line with the vision I hold for the future of education. I tell you my vision also no use – you cannot understand because yourself also not clear what you want.

Today somebody sent me a message on my facebook. Among other things he said I have too high expectations of society that is why my homeschooling co-op idea will not work out. I just want to point out some things.

  1. It is not MY homeschooling co-op. I am just the person who is giving a voice to it by organizing meet-ups and putting information out there on blogs as a resource for people who want to connect with others in the same situation. I am also not “pro-homeschooling” but just offer those who complain about schooling and want to learn more about homeschooling an alternative viewpoint (mine)  on education.

    I also do not claim that my way of homeshooling is the best way or the only way but people look at how I do it and claim they cannot do it because my way is very extreme and they have neither my experience or their child is not like my child.

    They also claim that  I don’t understand the value of friendships made from school. I believe that the ability to make friends depends on personality and is largely about ATTRACTING friends from everywhere. A person who needs to depend only on school to make friends, to me, is socially handicapped, like most school-going children nowadays are. (Hey, I’m not complaining. The worse young people are in communication, speaking skills, self-confidence and self-directed leadership the more lucrative opportunities for me to offer training in these areas. Why do it for free in a co-op when I can charge the general public for it, right?)

  2. A lot of people still don’t understand that a “co-op” is not owned by any single person otherwise it would be more of a business entity instead. They think I want to “own the co-op” and that I will benefit from their participation.
  3. The problem with most of the parents (not all) who say they want a co-op is that they are not willing to communicate their needs, share their thoughts and give opinions.

    One parent put in a lot of effort to offer, I think, a soccer training, and those who say they were interested did not turn up. Even though I would not be attending I still provided input.

    However, I will tell you what is popular among Malaysian homeschooling wannabes : Complaining. If you start a thread that complains about school or teachers – wow, sure got people respond one!

  4. A lot of homeschooling parents lack the drive and ability to lead or organize. And they are also very good at hesitating, not making a decision, being unsure of what choices to make, “busy” and generally not very good at scheduling their time or asking for input and help.

When I write something in particular it is for a particular audience thus I have a particular message that I intend to make particular distinctions with. Thus, I juxtapose. It is for effect. The dramatization or polarization of ideas is necessary for a tribe to discover other members like itself within a certain area. However, my writings have been misunderstood as promoting extreme, unbalanced thinking.

I want to make a point about what I believe “balance” really means. For a lot of people they use the word “balance” as an excuse to be mediocre, indecisive and stay in their comfort zone and not take risks. Balance, to me, is not about conforming to the status quo but about being grounded, well-informed and certain in the decisions we make and to move with power and clarity in the direction of what  we have decided upon. That, to me, is Balance = Power.

Read the original blog here : Your Perception of Me is A Reflection of You. This post proves that I can write in 746 words what took me 2675 words to write.

I’ll make you a deal : Future posts will not exceed 1,000.


And if I want to write more I will put it in a book – or a special report.



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