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The premise for my thoughts reside in a particular premises in my thinking.

Free Tips To Help You If You Need It.

Hi there. I am going to make this a Sticky Post (this means, a post that will always remain on the front page of the blog).

Should you need some help or advice on :

– improving your writing skills

-helping children with reading

– improving English for Academic Purposes

– spelling

– pronunciation

– public speaking

– presentation skills

– Business English

– editing and clarity

-how to handle certain problems faced in the teaching of English either for individuals, groups or the classroom

– how to more effectively apply the use of English in your life

– improving your communication skills

– improving self-confidence

– whether it is even necessary to improve your English

or any other general help with regards to English – always feel free to leave a comment or email me at

While I do not guarantee (as no one faithfully can, because teaching and learning is more of an Art than a Science) 100% effectiveness when taking my advice (because I cannot accurately assess your situation and you may miss out on providing me with information that would have helped inform me better) I hope that it might be my small way of serving the needs of learners out there.

I’d like to add that I don’t give “technical advice” such as how to score higher or to explain terminologies or grammar rules because all this information is widely available on other sites.


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Have you read my blog recently?

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Markets are Conversations.

This is a great book. If you haven’t read it yet and you’re either a business or an advocacy group trying to engage people to create the change you want to see in this world – try it.

When one person talks and the rest of us listen, either attentively or with reticence, it’s called a Lecture. When that lecture insists on not only presenting facts and ideas but claims its points to be the absolute truth, it’s a sermon. You get my point.

What inspired me to write this post comes from my inexperienced experience observing how people who want to change education can or cannot use social media for their means and ends. I want to share some observations which might be useful to people who are new to this.

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What a Parent Who Used To Be a Teacher Really Want to Say to Parents And Teachers.

I had a request from ********* to post the comments I had written on a fb comments thread on a CNN article What Teachers Really Want To Tell Parents.

In between the time it took for me to post this another article responding to it appeared here

The original responses I made on my fb comments thread on Sept 10 to the CNN article : What Teachers Really Want To Tell Parents  (as is) is in blue.  My expanded comments (for context) if necessary will be in Italics. 

I like the first line :

“I just cant deal with parents anymore; they’re killing us.”  

– Send the kids back to the parents. 😀  

Why don’t they? A parent is almost as qualified if not better qualified to teach their own children than a school teacher is – for many, many reasons outside the context of this article. Don’t believe me? Think about it logically : Both teachers and parents went through the same K-12 education. All things being equal they studied the same content. Unless you’re trying to tell me for 12 years of their education their teachers had pre-selected an elite bunch of students to teach better to knowing one day this elite bunch will become the next generation of teachers. – I doubt it!

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Slowing the Paper Chase.

There are many things I know squat about. Like Romantic Love. Like Goddess Housekeeping. Like how to stay married beyond the 7-year itch. Like how to travel on a shoestring budget.  Or how to make an omelet in a ziplock bag while travelling by van without a stove. Or simply color-coordinating my clothes. (My principle for getting dressed is : (1) Is it clean? (2) Does it fit? (3) The more colors the better.)

Let’s cut to the chase. This is a post that gives me one of those, “I Told You So” moments.

I don’t usually read Malaysia MSM (mainstream media) but today I decided to buy the papers. On page 35 of the Nation section of The Star I saw an article that got me excited to post about : Slowing the Paper Chase.

The article begins with :

IN THE face of a changed labour market, Singapore may have decided to keep the local university population from increasing beyond current levels. The more cautious approach to higher education emerged from private talks that a senior education ministry official had with a US diplomat several years ago, according to WikiLeaks.

Key words : several years ago.

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The reason I was never cut out for English Literature.

Two roads diverged in an open wood.

I looked down one as far as I could

and said, “Fuck it, no way”.

and looked down the other as just as fair

and said, “What the heck. If I don’t know where I’m going I’ll be glad to end up anywhere.”


But seriously –  two roads diverged in an open wood

and I was never in doubt about the one I eventually took

and once I chose I never bothered to look

back on the decisions I’ve made and stood

by and held on with a wing and a prayer.


I had only one desire

that I would die before my fire

why do so many walk on the black and trodden

beaten and misshapened path of Conformity?

How can people die a little each day

instead of die to themselves everyday and be rebirthed with a new zest for living?


Two paths diverged in an open wood and it is so obvious which one I took.

I now smack with an overdose of self-assuredness tempting you to hit me with a book!

I feel now as though I’ve never been in doubt;

about the path I’ve chosen and how things have turned out.


Two roads diverged in an open wood

Forget conformity and its rules of play

I took the one less travelled

And that, my friend, has made all the effing difference today.

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Some progress last year.

You know, this past couple of months I’ve been trying to tell these kids that the world is suddenly speeding up and there’s just not much time to waste pretending that 5 years from now, the world is going to look the same like it was 5 years ago. I’ve been trying to show them how to move beyond basic use of computer and look at the potential in 21st Century learning.It’s not all in vain. A couple of students went to buy laptops. I’m thinking 1 or 2 more will be getting a laptop by the end of the year.

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