How To Write A Book And Get Rich.

You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out,

You put your left foot in and you shake it all about. …………………blah blah……..that’s what it’s all about!

OK, now get that song out of your head! 😀

Here’s What It’s All About. 

Have you ever thought of writing your own book? This guy got kicked out of school when he was 15 and it was book-writing that got him out of poverty to making millions.

That might just work for us too since most of us either have kids already out of school or we’re seriously thinking of pulling them out. What would it mean to them if their mom/dad got a book published and became an authority on some niche? Would make them proud, I think!

In my capacity now as a Life and Entrepreneur coach I can see how having a book published is like having a business-card on steroids, a flyer, brochure, marketing campaign all at once.

Having a book adds credibility to what we do professionally, the message we put out there in the world, the message people pay us to listen to, to learn from. (Yeah, I got tired of dishing out free advice and tired of blogging for fun. Now I want to write for money.)

Whether it’s homebirthing or homeschooling (got a friend who has a DVD and book out about homebirthing) or anything under the sky we can only ever get paid for anything if we position and package ourselves as an expert in that field. Whether or not we really are is not a matter of content, it’s a matter of delivery.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything – just one thing that other people aren’t experts at. And people will pay you for it. Like me, I’m an expert at telling people the potential I see in them. I’m an expert at learning and an expert at teaching how to learn. I’m definitely not an expert in a lot of other things you are an expert in. But I leverage on what I’m an expert at – persuasion.

Some people will add that I’m an expert at pushing their buttons and annoying the crap out of them. But still – for every admirer you need a detractor. You can’t do anything worth doing if you’re not going to get someone criticizing you over it. You homeschoolers know what I mean – we get a bunch of people always criticizing us for something worthy we want to do for our own kids.

Whatever profession you currently find yourself in or whatever NGO activities and personal interests you’re investing your time and effort in you can actually GET PAID for what you know and get paid A LOT MORE if you have a book published. (Watch video of story of renovation business guy.)

Want more revenue, more sales, more leads?

Own a pesticide company, an organic farm or maybe you are online clothing wholesaler? Or you’re currently teaching a course on Reiki or Internet Marketing or How To Hedge a Hedge Hog? Have potted plants, do animal rescue, know how to organize camps and outings for homeschoolers? Have secret recipes and secret gardens and or perhaps hold the secrets of being an animal whisperer? Have a cause you’re fighting for, a story of a group of people / species you can lend your voice to and write about? Or maybe like me, you hold the key to Secrets of DIY Organic Learning – 7 Steps to Effective Left and Bright Rain ..I mean, Right Brain, Learning?

(I don’t know how I’m going to pull that one off but I’ve made a vow and the Universe is just going to send me the people and information I need to get that Secrets to DIY OL out one day!)

How long have you been thinking about writing a book?

Gerry Roberts is doing a seminar in Singapore March 22 – 24th and Success Resources has given me a small, limited supply of tickets worth SGD$3,999 at an UNBELIEVABLE price in RM. (The benefits of being a seminar-junkie and a decent persuader.)

If you watch the video below you’ve already missed the GBP200 ticket for the 2-hour evening that happened last Tuesday, January 29th.

What you can get is to go to the LIVE workshop and get the following bonuses :

how to publish a book_4

how to publish a book_5

how to publish a book_3

Read this article here to know how you can get a very limited supply of tickets that are offered to me at a very special price.

At least tell me how I did on this article? A departure from my usual content (which, honestly, I’m sick and tired of complaining about the school system) I realize………but how could I have written this article better in order to get you interested in coming with me to this workshop? (If you were ever so inclined.)


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