Check your calendar : It’s not yet April!

I’m just going to  do it – I’m going to get half a dozen books out in the next two years. Prolific, yes. That way I can die in peace.

I’ve been struggling with getting a few books out there. I am not even sure what I’m struggling against or with. I just know there are books in my head that for one reason or another is just not taking that leap from inside my head to someone else’s hands.

I seriously need to just commit and take action and do it. This is not a prank – I repeat, this is NOT a PRANK.

Any of you bloggers, thinkers and armchair philosophers out there who are feeling me? You know that there is just a book (or two, or three) in you that needs to just GET OUT THERE so you can die in peace? You know that feeling, right? You feel like you have this message you need to share with the world, thoughts that keep you conscious, thoughts that percolate like gourmet coffee that entice the cogitations of others.

Would you like to be a published author and add a 5-figure income to your bank account before the end of this year?

Would you like to get your message out there, to have your kids hold a copy of your book and say, “My mom / dad wrote that, you know?”

Would you like to put an end to the over-simplistic, cliched and over-rated local literature in English that you see out there?

How would you like the idea of you leaving a legacy behind?

I’m sure, like me, you’d love that. Because, like me, I’m sure you’ve seen enough garbage writing getting published on a daily basis. It’s time for you an ME to step up and claim our stage in the literary world. Actually, I couldn’t care less about the fame. I’m all about the money. Give me an opportunity to make money that aligns with my joie de vivre and I’m game.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to have more money in their life having fun doing what they love?

So, if you silently said “YES” to the above “How would you….” questions, I’m sure, like me, you’d also have this shadow statements accompany them :

  • what if I’m not good enough?
  • what if my books don’t sell?
  • would I actually have the time?

OK, honey – some coaching for you. Here’s the same advice I gave myself :

  • If it were true I’m not good enough for writing I’d never be good enough for anything. This “not good enough” feeling permeates more than one area of my life! It’s pervasive! And if it were true I’m not good enough I’d never get irritated by all that crap being published out there. (Repeats affirmation : I am good enough. Every master was once a disaster.)
  • I know a lot of people who have more books in stock than books being bought. That is why I’m investing in something that has mentored Richard Tan (CEO of Success Resources) to sell over 100,000 of his book. If you think you’ve never heard of it, well, NEITHER HAVE I! And at this point in time I couldn’t care less if no one’s heard of me or my book – I’d be happy to pocket $1 a book anyway! (That’s $100,00o in the bank that I would welcome!)make more money network marketing

Would I actually have the time?

Will we ever if we don’t make the time? Let’s just focus on this and get our book out there and make some spare change for the rest of this year, and next, OK? And if we found the process of how to do it JUST ONCE, like sex, or homebirthing, or driving a car, the second, third, fourth time,…it just gets easier.

You’re not limited to publishing only ONE BOOK PER LIFETIME. 🙂

Here’s Law of Attraction working : I got wind of this workshop. And I want you to come with me and take this journey with me.

I’m going to go there and I’m going to get a book out and I’m going to make a million bucks in passive income from book sales. If you think I’m nuts it just means you’ve never earned a million bucks selling your books, HA!
And if you think I might be TRULY NUTS ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY MAKE THAT COME TRUE then you must join me in my journey. What better way to move out of inertia than to attach yourself to an entity that is unstoppable and breaks through all those “safety barriers” that have kept you from getting a few chunks of your brilliance out there in the world?

This self-gloating might be new to you, so, I suppose you just need a spoonful of sugar and get used to it. If you can get used to my self-assured arrogance in the past (and boy have I made some mistakes in life!) you can get used to my new “claiming of one’s own brilliance.” Enough of playing small. Time to stop swimming like a duck and fly with the eagles.

So, who’s with me? (Read to the end……..don’t stop!)

how to publish a book_1

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, it’s about time she got a book out!” (Why, thank you for the love and support!)

Here’s what we’re going to cover, together, you and me, the next “Malaysia’s best-selling authors” team. (I’m selective about who I hang with, but I really like you, you see.)

  • We’re going to learn how to WRITE the RIGHT book that’s going to bring in the money. (so many books in our head, right? I know, I have the EXACT same problem.)
  • We’ll get a system, a process, a whip to our butts to just BLOODY DO IT.
  • Wow, get someone else to fund our money-making book-writing adventure. Sounds good! Worth a try!
  • Get credibility.
  • GET THE BOOKS SOLD over and over and over again.

Sloane, what’s this going to cost? A lot, right?

Yup! A whopping SGD$3,999 ( but FOR TODAY ONLY (you know lah all those seminar specials….) SGD$2,499 + applicable taxes.

So, OK, I’m half-scared putting myself out there and committing to write a book that’s actually going to make me money. But I know a lot of my friends have the same dreams and fears that I  do. Right?

But we’re going to make the money back X 1,000. That’s the commitment I’m making to myself and like a lot of things in life we just need to take a leap of faith and by GOD will the Universe bend over backwards to support us once we make a decision! (You know that!)

What if……..?

Of course I’m afraid to fail! Of course I’m afraid all of you are going to laugh at me. Of course I’m worried about being judged by more fabulous Malaysian writers who are already published and pooh-pooh my nonsense of a blog here. But I’m so tired of living half of who I really am. I want to show my child, my students, that life is about setting goals, about living our dreams, about taking that chance to allow ourselves to shine for just one moment (cue : lagu Whitney, Superbowl, 1991) ………

There’s a money back guarantee. 

The event is in Singapore. You can consider it as taking a holiday and if you’re not happy after the first day :

how to publish a book_2

If money is a bit of a problem for you right now it won’t be once your book sells a few thousand copies. No, seriously, if you are interested, inbox me on facebook. I’ve got a great once in a lifetime deal and I will only share it with people who are in this with me.

If you don’t ask, I don’t have to tell but I trust you will also get an incredible value from paying the full price of SGD$2499 anyway. But if you ask you’re probably taking yourself seriously that THIS IS THE YEAR YOUR FAMILY IS GOING TO GET A PUBLISHED AUTHOR bringing in a few thousand extra bucks to the household.

If you’ve been reading my blogs and you believe in my potential to get a book published and make thousands from it, if you believe I deserve that, know that I feel EXACTLY the same about you too. I want to see you succeed alongside with me. Really. Truly.

You might be exactly like me, having a voice but not believing you actually have anything worth writing about. But you’ve always wondered what it would be like to get published. Right? You’ve always wondered how some really crap books get published in the first place. Be honest, you’ve seen those!

Even if you and I end up writing a crap book – heck, at least we got that out of our system. And made some money. 🙂

Write to me to know how you can come to this workshop no matter what your budget is. You simply have to trust the fact that I am in a leveraged position you can take advantage of.


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