Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Thinking and Living.

Did you realize (because I hadn’t until I wanted to put in a title for this post) that the subtitle of my blog Unschool Me Today was “Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Living and Thinking” ?


In this post written a few weeks back I had mentioned that the reason why I have not been writing as regularly on this blog is because I have moved on with other things in my life which I have found to be more fulfilling and more meaningful and I think it’s simply a reflection of my personal growth.

For those of you who connect with me on Facebook and have been keeping tabs on my activities you might have come across an announcement I made sometime last year that I had decided to shift my skills away from ESL to Coaching.


The difference between the both are not as many as the similarities between them and for those fed-up with teaching English I dare suggest that Coaching is as lucrative an industry as ESL is and perhaps meets more of our self-actualization goals than the ESL industry can as a conduit.

Given, Coaching as an industry (and it’s a multi-million one and growing each day) is not as ingrained into society as the learning of English is. It would require a new set of marketing skills (everything is learnable) to make the transition lucrative and sustainable but it’s not something that would be too difficult for an ass-kicking ESL teacher like you. 😉 (regardless of whether you are or you are not at the moment, the fact that you speak English and have the potential to impart that potential to a third party means you make the cut!)

The major difference between being an ESL professional and a Coach (of something) is that instead of being paid by a school to teach out of a curriculum that’s mostly based on preparing for competency tests you’re working for yourself teaching content you designed on your own with your own learning objectives and outcomes preparing students to be competent in Life.

Rather than assisting students in scoring A’s in school subjects that are largely irrelevant in the post-Industrial era you’re using your skills of being able to deliver valuable input and build context around that content to help people thrive and score A’s in areas of their life that they really care about.

Say, self-esteem. Say, financial abundance. Say, finding their purpose in life. The list is endless.

Isn’t that what the end in mind of having communicative competency in English all about? As leverage to succeed in other areas of life?

Why not take out the middle-man (school and exam) and use our skills in the language to bring our real-life experiences into context to help our students go DEEP in understanding Life rather than go WIDE in covering a smattering of school subjects?

We can argue that paper qualifications still mean a lot but that argument is falling apart more and more and getting flimsier day by day. – What employers out there are looking for are people with self-mastery, self-confidence, direction, leadership, clarity and creativity.

To put things across from a minimalist point of view : We need FUNCTIONING individuals.

What’s the point of more A-s if their head is clouded and their plummeting self-esteem show up as lackluster work performance or inability to work well in groups?

What’s the point of a Harvard MBA if you can’t create that Blue Ocean Strategy for your company?

I’m not saying that Coaching is limited to enabling individuals to become competent in communication, groups and business strategies.

I’m saying that helping people have clarity on who they are and why they are here will extend into them being able to  develop competencies and abilities that are much needed in today’s world.

How does that sound to you so far? Good, I hope!

During my last trip to KL I met a group of amazing young men who are dedicated to helping Malaysians develop spoken competency in the English language.

Their mentor, the head of the “gang”, travels tirelessly around Malaysia visiting schools and conducting workshops in his aspirations of helping teachers and students get over themselves and start speaking English.

They inspired me with this idea of creating a Coaching Program specifically to guide individuals who already can speak English well (because you ARE reading this blog) to MONETIZE YOUR PASSION of doing something about the fate of those millions languishing in their English language competency.


And I’m not talking about coming to Malaysia or Thailand or Cambodia making small change as a teacher in some school.

Here’s a typical out-of-the-box Blue Ocean Strategy case-study for you to apply your highly analytic mind : 

The standard mentality out there is that the answer to English Language competency in Malaysia (or all over Asia) lies in the hands of often not-very-competent persons teaching English (and I’m including native speakers who come to Asia in this category.)

The standard mentality out there is that only organizations like the British Council or the smattering of English Language Centers have the authority and exclusive rights to teach how English language learning happens for non-native speakers of English.

The standard mentality out there is that you need to undergo some arduous teacher training certification in order to teach out of methodologies and approaches –  that don’t seem to work thus far – for a lot less money than you’d honestly like to make.

The standard mentality out there is that you need to get some official holy Stamp of Approval branded onto your forearm (or the L on the forehead) and be officially called a Teacher before you can deliver a solution to the market.

Whether you like it or not there are already a lot of quacks out there claiming to teach English. You cannot deny how many times you have seen really dodgy ads claiming you can call them up to “learn English”.

If by any chance you’re a fan of my blog you’re probably already qualified to make a 5-figure income taking a slice out of this multi-billion ESL industry by creating something that, collectively, will come together as a new system of learning that will make the current one obsolete. (Thanks, Bucky, for that insight!)

Trust me that with what I can teach you – you don’t need to do ANYTHING “teacher-y” that you don’t believe in or like to do and yet you can STILL get paid delivering great learning.

There are  a lot of things I don’t know but getting paid to do what I love in spite of what else everyone else out there is saying is something I really know how to do. And do well.

If you want to take your 5-figure income down to 4-figures or even 3, that’s your choice. If you want to take it up to 6, it’s also your choice. With a Blue Ocean Strategy kind of mentality – the World’s Your Oyster.

I wonder if this idea is sexy to you : the idea that you can use your communicative competence in English to create a business that you can work anywhere from doing exactly what you like.

It’s all a template – and if I can do it – ANYONE can.

I’m not that special, really. (If I hear “special needs”…………….grr!)

If there is to be just ONE condition to being able to do this it would be – Sincerity.

You need to have your clients’ best interest at heart – no matter what. Money is important but not as important as the value you’ll be adding to people’s lives and doing work that really counts.

If you have a burning desire to change the world, or at least, your tiny corner there, make a contribution to the lives of others who need precisely what you have inside of you – if you have a passion to affect lives and do it not because of the money – then you’re bound to get rich doing this (provided your other background unconscious systems aren’t sabotaging your potential for lucrative opportunities.)

Don’t come into this with the mentality of “What’s in it for me” – come in with the mindset of, “How can I serve the world with what I have being true to me” and you will do just fine.

If you want to talk in private and you think this is a project you’d like to make an investment in YOURSELF in and graduate from – you know my email by now! (Well, if you don’t, time for me to create a new one and announce it here.)

Hit me up if you think this idea resonates with you and sounds sexxxaayyyyyyy…………(and you know it!)







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6 responses to “Together We Can Design a New Paradigm of Learning, Thinking and Living.

  1. I was grabbed by the title, and read this with interest, but now I have got to the end I am still wondering what the new paradigm is. Is it:

    1. Concentrating on my personal growth;
    2. Kicking ass;
    3. Helping to dismantle schools and all systems of offical recognition;
    4. Making sure employers get what they want;
    5. The Delphic injunction: “Know thyself”;
    6. Monetising our passions by jumping on a multi-billion dollar bandwagon;
    7. Following the template;
    8. Being sincere;
    9. Putting self-interest aside and striving to serve others;
    10. Investing in myself?

    I think that I sort of get where you are coming from here, but does it amount to a new paradigm?

    • LVN

      It’s one of those “Blue Ocean Strategy” things where once you step out of the jar and see the label from the outside it all makes sense and you do a 1-handed clap.

      OK, glad the title grabbed you! I have been focusing on getting better with sexy taglines and titles because I have a dozen products lined up that need marketing write-up.

      I am grateful for the feedback that it grabbed you because it shows me my meditations have been working hehe.

      Well, if you re-read the first paragraph – the title of my blog was actually referring to the fact that I had forgotten, that in a flash of a moment and on a whim, I had come up with “Together We Can Design……” as a sub-heading to Unschool Me Today!

      The title of the blog wasn’t meant to outline an entire paradigm but to introduce an idea that could turn out pretty lucrative if we still have enough juice and energy in us to grow out of our current zones.

      (so, yeah, I guess personal growth is included although I’d have to add that personal growth is a given in any area we want the status quo to change.

    • LVN

      Torn…..and before I respond to the rest of your comment – let me re-read my post again because I thought I made the outline clear. LOL.

    • LVN

      1. Maybe. Wait – definitely! But only because all kinds of change require us to grow from the place where we were living as if everything we thought and acted from came from a belief that it is necessarily true for us.

      2. Depends on per individual Anarchist-meter!

      3. Nope! If I may repeat myself and quote Bucky again, just build a system that makes the current one obsolete. We didn’t have to go all out to get people to stop using land lines or pages but the fact that cell phone coverage became something we could take for granted and cell phones widely available it makes needing a house phone (where most of us are, especially in Asia) obsolete for those under 40.

      It’s also like how e-cards, digital photos of vacations shared on fb and emails have displaced pages long handwritten love letters – and, postcards.

      4. Nope. Instead, making EMPLOYERS HAVE A TOTAL PARADIGM SHIFT in the way they see work and having a lifestyle they want.

      5. That is true of every one in every area of life.

      6. Yes. Why not? But it’s not a bandwagon if you know how to create your own tide and ride out on your own wave. Bandwagon has a connotation that some industry expert is leading and the rest dance to the Pied Piper’s tune.

      7. What template? Oh…yes, my coming-soon template for this idea I’m flashing around here

      8. Yes, always. In everything we do. That is the only way to be authentic and to bring out our light so we can bring that light out in others.

      9. No…putting SELF-INTEREST FIRST in order to grow to a bigger place so we can serve more people and lift them up from a position of greater power and autonomy.

      10. We are investing in ourselves every day – either towards our higher good or towards the limiting beliefs that hold us. True or true?

      To the question : does it amount to a new paradigm – that would depend on the degree and areas of shift that collectively, people can arrive at. It might not even be a Paradigm – it could end up a Revolution.


  2. It sounds sexxxaayyy. Let’s talk by email again?

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