I’ve got twenty minutes on my hands while I wait for a download and an appointment about 2 hours from now. Time to kill!


Here’s what I’m going to do though : I’m going to reblog one of  most recent posts  in Plain English. Well, Manglish in certain parts! I actually sound a lot like how I write and I don’t realize it’s intimidating! (Maybe I do but maybe there’s a part of me that likes going BOO!)

Here goes :

I don’t blog as much these days. I have moved on to other things that are in line with the vision I hold for the future of education. I tell you my vision also no use – you cannot understand because yourself also not clear what you want.

Today somebody sent me a message on my facebook. Among other things he said I have too high expectations of society that is why my homeschooling co-op idea will not work out. I just want to point out some things.

  1. It is not MY homeschooling co-op. I am just the person who is giving a voice to it by organizing meet-ups and putting information out there on blogs as a resource for people who want to connect with others in the same situation. I am also not “pro-homeschooling” but just offer those who complain about schooling and want to learn more about homeschooling an alternative viewpoint (mine)  on education.

    I also do not claim that my way of homeshooling is the best way or the only way but people look at how I do it and claim they cannot do it because my way is very extreme and they have neither my experience or their child is not like my child.

    They also claim that  I don’t understand the value of friendships made from school. I believe that the ability to make friends depends on personality and is largely about ATTRACTING friends from everywhere. A person who needs to depend only on school to make friends, to me, is socially handicapped, like most school-going children nowadays are. (Hey, I’m not complaining. The worse young people are in communication, speaking skills, self-confidence and self-directed leadership the more lucrative opportunities for me to offer training in these areas. Why do it for free in a co-op when I can charge the general public for it, right?)

  2. A lot of people still don’t understand that a “co-op” is not owned by any single person otherwise it would be more of a business entity instead. They think I want to “own the co-op” and that I will benefit from their participation.
  3. The problem with most of the parents (not all) who say they want a co-op is that they are not willing to communicate their needs, share their thoughts and give opinions.

    One parent put in a lot of effort to offer, I think, a soccer training, and those who say they were interested did not turn up. Even though I would not be attending I still provided input.

    However, I will tell you what is popular among Malaysian homeschooling wannabes : Complaining. If you start a thread that complains about school or teachers – wow, sure got people respond one!

  4. A lot of homeschooling parents lack the drive and ability to lead or organize. And they are also very good at hesitating, not making a decision, being unsure of what choices to make, “busy” and generally not very good at scheduling their time or asking for input and help.

When I write something in particular it is for a particular audience thus I have a particular message that I intend to make particular distinctions with. Thus, I juxtapose. It is for effect. The dramatization or polarization of ideas is necessary for a tribe to discover other members like itself within a certain area. However, my writings have been misunderstood as promoting extreme, unbalanced thinking.

I want to make a point about what I believe “balance” really means. For a lot of people they use the word “balance” as an excuse to be mediocre, indecisive and stay in their comfort zone and not take risks. Balance, to me, is not about conforming to the status quo but about being grounded, well-informed and certain in the decisions we make and to move with power and clarity in the direction of what  we have decided upon. That, to me, is Balance = Power.

Read the original blog here : Your Perception of Me is A Reflection of You. This post proves that I can write in 746 words what took me 2675 words to write.

I’ll make you a deal : Future posts will not exceed 1,000.


And if I want to write more I will put it in a book – or a special report.




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