Free Tips To Help You If You Need It.

Hi there. I am going to make this a Sticky Post (this means, a post that will always remain on the front page of the blog).

Should you need some help or advice on :

– improving your writing skills

-helping children with reading

– improving English for Academic Purposes

– spelling

– pronunciation

– public speaking

– presentation skills

– Business English

– editing and clarity

-how to handle certain problems faced in the teaching of English either for individuals, groups or the classroom

– how to more effectively apply the use of English in your life

– improving your communication skills

– improving self-confidence

– whether it is even necessary to improve your English

or any other general help with regards to English – always feel free to leave a comment or email me at

While I do not guarantee (as no one faithfully can, because teaching and learning is more of an Art than a Science) 100% effectiveness when taking my advice (because I cannot accurately assess your situation and you may miss out on providing me with information that would have helped inform me better) I hope that it might be my small way of serving the needs of learners out there.

I’d like to add that I don’t give “technical advice” such as how to score higher or to explain terminologies or grammar rules because all this information is widely available on other sites.


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