How Homeschooling Could Have Saved A Life and Made Peace with the Talibans.

Of all the things I had wanted to write about my latest post happens to be inspired by a facebook share I saw just minutes ago that triggered something off in me. There is something I find very outdated about the whole idea of Feminism and the way they seem to approach the problems of the world and their brand of “equality” have always irked me.  For the most part I leave the feminists to their war cry and bra burning (I heard Oct. 13th is no-bra day) but today what I see is a dangerous precedent of making heroes out of girls who are influenced by “feminist thinking” to go in the direction of self-defeating methods towards freedom and a better tomorrow.

OK, @#*$ the Talibans – this isn’t about the Talibans. We all know very well that the Taliban in different outfits become the KKK or some other type, denomination and manifestation of thwarted development in the Civilization Process the rest of us got on board with. Talibanism, as far as I’m concerned, has nothing to do with Islam, not at all, and has nothing to do with male dominance. Half the human species have never and will never consider the Taliban as a representation of the high watermark of their species in the first place.

What I’m writing about (just in case some Feminist and Human Rights zealot jumps at me for not being sensitive to the plight of women and children in violence-torn regions of the world) is about how dangerous this idea of INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLING is and the unnecessary suffering its lag time is causing to parts of the world that got left behind getting on the Industrial Bandwagon.

There is no denying that there is a strong correlation between the idea of Industrialization and the Brand called Westernization. Most people BLINDLY abide by the rule that to be FREE and WEALTHY means we have to be INDUSTRIALIZED and follow all the models of Industrialism including aping their model of SCHOOLING AND EDUCATION. I have read that technology has done more for the “education rights” of boys than the Education Movement itself ever has when glass-bottling machines made child labor unnecessary. What to do with all these children? Well, go house them in another state-funded institution. Who wants to deal with children anyway!

Ladies and gentlemen……..we have to be very aware of the agenda of Schooling; that our idea of schooling has never, ever had anything to do with advancing our humanist causes and concerns. Industrial Schooling was all about, “What do we do with children whose parents we need to work in our factories?”

Please spare me this meme of “Schooling advances society” or that “Education Maketh a Man”. We have been self-directed learners for millions of years – long before formal schooling dumbed the shit out of the rest of us. (Yes, I am very angry – a young girl had to die because of our world’s STUPID, BLIND DEFENCE OF INDUSTRIAL SCHOOLING.). The fact that, among others, educated people, not excluding PhDs ,”champion” the rights of schooling from Afghanistan to swathes of the African continent and other  countries that skipped the carnage that is post-modernism, pisses the hell out of me because PhDs are, to me, very often, the symbolism of all that is wrong with Industrial Schooling – talking heads who are trained to think objectively but are disabled from everything else apart from citing one another and regurgitating things in a round about way.

That some people had their relative economic advantage in life cemented together with an opportunity to attend formal schooling is coincidental rather than causal. Anyone with drive, determination and focussed goals will do well in life in general regardless of whether or not formal schooling had come into the equation. “I wasn’t educated enough” is just one of the many excuses that people with excuses will come up with for coming up short in any area of their life. That is what people with Excuses do : come up with justifications. Tell that to their faces and they will instantly make up another excuse right there and then to prove to you why their Excuses is not an excuse.

Let’s throw out all that we have ever been indoctrinated with that “schooling advances society” and “brings economic advantages”. Society advanced as a direct result of wealth surpluses that became possible when advancements in technology and automation, beginning from the age of Renaissance spanning across the era of Imperialism, snowballed an Agrarian culture into the Industrial Era.

Schooling came as consequence of pooling mass populations of people away from fields into smokehouses – as institutions to house human beings too small to be economically viable as a resource, human beings who are to be separated from the first time in history from parents and other adults they usually had around the village who had instead gone off and signed on social contracts as economically useful cogs.

Industrialism has done a lot for cumulative global wealth and I don’t want to knock it for all its misgivings but let us be very clear that schooling and education was not the precursor of wealth, economic progress or any other advancements (reduced violence, increased empathy, altruism, co-operation, Transcendentalism and the Enlightenment movement, if you must) that brought the Civilization Process along on its way to where it is today.  Yes, we got civilized but no, more schooling had nothing to do with us becoming more gentile. Money makes the world go round with less bloodshed.

Let me say that again : MONEY (or wealth surpluses in any shape, form or kind) makes the world go round WITH LESS BLOODSHED. Rather than teach our girls to get edumacated and shot in the neck why don’t we all just focus on helping our girls sustain themselves economically, learn to produce things and bring wealth to their local economies and be financially savvy or good money/wealth managers? I don’t see lazy ass Talibans having a problem with women making Cheese and Dough.

Granted that wealth surplus I spoke of from the Industrial Era was made possible by automation and mass production and everyone agreeing to this mass social contract to function as drones.  So understand this : we agreed to a Contract and that contract’s up for a review. Part of the Contract we signed up for was about serving our kids up to be dumbed down so that the Wealth System of that time could replace us with them as cogs in the system. Things only got screwed up because we didn’t factor in the fact that technological advances will and has made leaps that will create capital tools that will add up and mess up our myopic logistics projections of how to consume masses of “human resources”.

So what’s so effing great about SCHOOL that a 14-year old girl has to die like this? What’s so effing great about the idea of School to the point that it brainwashed this girl and other young people like her in believing it’s worth dying to get a seat on the floor? This is misguided idealism, misplaced courage. This tragedy is the result of unthinking feminists, a subset of the demographic Unthinking At Large, who idealize and romanticize SCHOOL. No doubt Dangerous Idealisms like these are the work of drones of Intelligentsia and Academia (led, no doubt, by Feminists), to influence girls to die in vain?

What’s the alternative? What’s the way of an Enlightened Xena?

The Enlightened Xena is going to go with the knowing that it’s a matter of time before the Talibans self-destruct. These egomaniacal entities always do – organizational cannibalism and self-destructive behavior is in-built in Ego-driven manifestations. All around the world people are Awakening to a new Dynamic Energy and it will be a matter of time before it sweeps the shores of Enlightened Xenas. In the meantime if the bozos don’t like us wearing nail polish – heck, I can live without nail polish! Isn’t it a violence-led thinking to always have this need to be RIGHT? “I have a RIGHT to wear Nail Polish and I will defend my right even if you pull my NAILS OUT IF I WEAR IT!!“. That’s not an enlightened way of going about getting our “rights” righted. The enlightened way would be, “I see you have a problem with nail polish because you, in general, have problems.  You are psychotic and violent to add to a long-list. Self-preservation asks that I do the wise thing by not taunting you so that you have an excuse to inflict violence unto others. This is the Divine Feminine speaking. Over and out. I pray for Compassion and Mercy.”

The Enlightened Xena is about an End in Mind not about its outward representations of acts of heroism. A dead hero, is, first of all, dead, second of all, perhaps, a hero – depending on whose around to keep telling a particular version of events. Maybe I’m the one who is too idealistic but we might want to consider the fact that staying alive is a pre-requisite to creating change.

So they want us covered up and they want us at home. Long live homeschooling! It is in these homes that women, mothers, grandmothers, aunts have the most power to influence and shape the minds of young girls to grow up to be spiritually strong, self-directed, gentle, compassionate, loving, resilient. This is the only way to stop patriarchal violence : the Awakening of the Divine Feminine.

Well, lest I be accused further of spiritual mumbo-jumbo (yes, I am all about spiritual mumbo-jumbo these days, I am so tired of Talking Heads and Intellectualism) I’m just going to end this rather crude, unpolished post by asking all of us to rethink positions that are heavily influenced by ideas like Feminism and Industrial Schooling and to see what those positions are costing the people who have a chance to skip the mistakes made by Industrialism while embracing the technological opportunities and wealth surplus that Industrialism has brought.

If we can divorce ourselves from the entire idea of “Education and Schooling” and wipe our slates clean we can see the opportunities right in front of our doorstep to embrace a form of wholistic, significant, meaningful, organic, self-directed learning that is cohesive, healing and nurturing. We need to shift completely away from all the things we’ve been taught about “schooling and education” and whatever they supposedly bring to us and critically examine the roles we want to develop for ourselves and our children as we inherit the reigns as Architects of our own future and the future of our civilization.

Bear in mind, bear in mind that the only way to bring the rest of the world up to speed with our Civilizing Process is to create wealth surpluses. Wealth creation goes beyond currency and fractional reserves. It is the ridiculousness, narrow-mindedness, myopia, one-dimensional,thinking of Intellectual and educated people when it comes to serving humanity’s greater needs, the thinking of largely those who have concerns with education, be they parents or educators, that make me want to wash my hands off all topics related to education and just focus on business and making money.

The idea of Feminism and their interest in girls’ education make very dangerous bedfellows. What makes them even more dangerous is that they have no idea that their aggression and violence against violence is what makes them so dangerous to the very people they thump themselves on their chests claiming they’re championing.


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