We know Industrial Schooling is inferior but what are our choices?

I’m going to imagine myself as a parent who knows that the miseducation my child is now getting from school and college is not really going to serve them in the future and in fact could be harmful for their development and self-esteem. I’m also going to imagine that I would not be able to afford private or international school. And even if I could I’m going to imagine that I realize the fact that private and international schools are not what they’re cut out to be – they’re perhaps only slightly less damaging on my child’s self-esteem but also completely unreliable for the ROI on their so-called “education”.

I’m going to imagine that I’m just an average parent in an average business / job with an average education. I come from an average neighborhood and I have average friends. I think like most average people do : I think I’m different but I know I’m the same as everyone else.

What are the options for such parents? I’m worried there’s none.

One of the biggest damage Industrial Schooling has done to society is for adults to shore off the responsibility for learning and creating their own lives to figures of authority. When something goes wrong in their job they blame their a**-kissing manager, their s**pid HR Department, their blind Head of Department or their Board of Directors. I don’t know  – somehow, they just manage to find someone to blame.  When the society they live in isn’t ideal they blame their rep, their Governor, the ruling government, on and on and on.

This, for me, is one of the greatest damage Social Control has caused – the surrender of personal authority and power to figures of authority – to State Control. Until and unless regular people acknowledge that systems such as Marriage, Land / Home Ownership, Organized State Religion, Industrial Schooling were all designed as forms of State Control they can never understand the implications, of handing over personal authority to others, has on the ability to create the lives they want for themselves and their children.

People can revolt against and attack the symptoms of Industrial schooling : exams, stress, pointlessness and they can try for “reforms” and “transformations” but it’s going to count for nought. When you have a car (the school system) that’s crashed a few times and is a road hazard (too many young people without jobs become a menace to society) the best thing to do is to send it to the scrap yard rather than go from one mechanic to another fixing this part then that part with money you don’t have. In the end, as the car owner,(parent) you simply have to take personal responsibility for your own safety and that of your children, don’t you? You can’t keep blaming the car manufacturer or the mechanics or the spare parts supplier. In the end you have to make a decision after weighing your costs and risk factors.  You have to take back responsibility upon yourself on what to do next.

If a parent or teacher wants to make a difference in a child’s future then they would have to start by making a difference in their own life. Homeschooling / Unschooling would be completely lost on you if you still have “school” on your mind. And here’s what school breeds :

  1. If you find yourself accepting most things without questioning, you’ve been successfully schooled.
  2. If you believe that life is what happens to you instead of what you create, you’ve been successfully schooled.

    Tests and exams and a teacher’s marking and judgment of an individual’s capacity to learn and ability to produce results conditions  the mind to accept that one is not in perfect control of one’s life. What compounds this is the fact that school is compulsory and dropping out entails one’s self-esteem taking a severe beating from prevailing social stigma.

  3. If you catch yourself complaining and blaming anyone or anything for any result in your life, you’ve been successfully schooled.
  4. If you find yourself constantly seeking approval and recognition and that your sense of self-worth can only be achieved by proxy, you’ve been successfully schooled.
  5. If you believe that some humans are inherently smarter or more capable than others, you’ve been successfully schooled.
  6. If you believe effort needs to be rewarded or compensated, you’ve been fooled. I mean, schooled.
  7. If you believe rules are made to be obeyed, you’ve been successfully schooled.
  8. If you are afraid of change, disruptions and ambiguity, you’ve been successfully schooled.

I could go on  with my list of things that parents and teachers need to detox themselves from before even considering homeschooling/unschooling – but I won’t.

There’s a chasm between schooled and unschooled families. And it is a significant one. – A few nights ago I had a dream where I visited a working class family of 4 children living in a low-cost flat.  The children were not attending school. I asked them why. They said, “They are unschooling.” I thought that to be incredulous : the parents can’t even speak a second language let alone their own mother tongue well enough. I asked them what do they mean by that. They said to me in their mother tongue, “In those days, rich people are those who go to university. Nowadays, rich people are those who don’t go to school.  I want my children to be rich so I don’t want to send them to school.”

I looked at them in disbelief. Imagine how misinformed they have been about unschooling! They’ve come to realize the truth that most middle-class parents who have completed some form of tertiary education are in perfect agreement that Industrial Schooling works against the economic and personal success of their children in the face of a changed economy.  Like a pyramid scheme or betting on a horse it makes perfect sense to these “punters” to emulate the behavior that supposedly led to the success of some group of individuals removed from them by 100 degrees or more.

It is really difficult for me to suggest what society can do in the face of this impending fallout of Industrial Schooling. It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. As I write this the writing is already on the wall : governments all over the world do not want a huge population of young, educated people with over-exuberance and with no way of manifesting their dreams for a better life – after all the sacrifices they and their families have made.

The writing on the wall is that the economy has changed and the social contract – that marriage between Industrialists and State is in trouble. One partner has changed and the other has not. So what governments around the world are trying to do to retain the status quo and hold off  the fallout in education is to cut spending on higher-ed. This will put pressure on colleges and universities, famous for their attitude of entitlement, to cut down on expenses and increase fees – the first factor making academic jobs scarcer and less lucrative and attractive and the second raising the entry barrier overnight.

This is how governments around the world are trying to cool an over-heated market. The Industrial Schooling Bubble is about to burst – the share prices are going to go from high to nothing almost overnight.  When the Board cuts spending on a certain department or subsidiary it is obvious that they deem that division to be a sinking cost or a poor return on investment. Look at government cuts on education as a form of downsizing – the first to go are those who are contributing to a loss or not contributing at all to the overall performance of the company(i.e. schools), in this case, the Company is the Economy of the 21st Century. Schools, as a cog in the wheel,  just aren’t contributing to the Economy of the 21st Century anymore. That Division called Schooling – that machinery that used to be a major cog –  is now a major clog.

That major Cog, schooling, has successfully caused this major clog : society’s unquestioning surrender of their Mind and personal responsibility to someone else to solve the question of how to live their lives. Adults need to reclaim their Individuality, their sense of personal power and purpose. When adults identify their innate potential and intelligence they will recognize that in their children as well and only then can they be open to being guided to the endless myriad of ways to develop and nurture their child’s potential for both economic and personal freedom.

Then we can talk organic solutions for children’s education.



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