Updates on upcoming Holiday Program

Details of list of activities click here.

An update to our very homey Holiday Program for potential homeschooling children to mingle and make friends. Due to requests by some parents to send children younger than 10 or to send for a few days or a few hours in a day as opposed to the entire 8 day, 6 hour daily program,we have made some changes to the original program.

Please email for details of teachers and activities as well as schedule : englishforasians@gmail.com
Due to some parents being unable to send for full day or for the whole 8 days the price has been adjusted to the following :
– RM50 per lesson session / or per whole day to a maximum of RM250 @ 5 days. Any additional attendance beyond that for children 5-10 will not be charged.
– 20% off for second child / sibling
The changes that have been made include :
  • Pictologics by Dr.Soheil Shirban who completed his research just recently in USM and has tested his model successfully in several schools includes a novel way of teaching reading even to special needs children. This method is not yet out in the market and children will be the first to experience this.
AGE : 5 onwards
  • Musical Learning by Uncle Kasi. Uncle Kasi realizes that parents find it hard to teach late-speech and slow-learners the numbers and letters. He has devised a method that he has used for many years and has been proven very successful. His aim is : If you teach the parents, the parents can continue to teach their children at home.  These methods not only help special learning children it also helps young children who are reluctant to sit down or reluctant to learn numbers and the alphabet. The activities also benefit older children to allow them to revisit their past learning and open their mind to more creative ways of learning.
AGE : 5 onwards
  • Visit to Balik Pulau First Step Work Center.  Watch how things like clothes and cloth are made and what skills can help us live independently.
Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions with their children but notice must be given as soon as possible so as to avoid over-crowding.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at englishforasians@gmail.com
We would also be grateful if you can share this opportunity with friends who have children who would benefit from getting away from electronic games and the TV or parents who need a few hours of respite!


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