2010 English Immersion Holiday Program + Camp

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Or maybe not yet…………

I’m just in the mood for writing an Advertorial…….take a break from the heavy stuff!

Before you go any further, click on an UPDATE here.

Here’s what we’ve got :

8-Day Full Immersion English Holiday Program

Relax….take a break……have fun, make friends.

Date : Dec 15th – Dec 22nd

Venue : Pemancar House, Penang Island, Malaysia

Duration : 8 days Full Immersion Program

Inclusive of meals, materials, t-shirt, accommodation for 2 Nights.

[please note that this is a ONE TIME offer only.  We would like to collaborate with  ESL teachers and students from all over Asia from 2011 onwards to enrich the language learning experience of your students and ours.Please go to the end of this blog for further details.*]

For more information on this Holiday Program, go to www.englishforasians.com

Early Bird Discount! @ click on ME!

Details of activities click here.

Find out MORE……

Note :

  1. If you wish to send students from your country from next year onwards, please write to us now for a VERY SPECIAL and exclusive deal.
  2. The 2010 program is only for those currently residing in Malaysia as this is the very first inclusive camp for Special Education needs students.
  3. From next year onwards we will extend our program to international students from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand,Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, etc. to have a truly enriching experience in Malaysia.
  4. This is also a fantastic opportunity for students who are looking for pathways to further education in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.  (details only for sincere inquiries.)  * the places for special needs children are very limited. Enquire early.

Just in case you got too lazy to scroll up and click on the link to Register …..

here it is one more time! www.englishforasians.com


*Malaysia is one of the best holiday destinations due to its stability, climate, low exchange rate and wide use of spoken and written English. There is also a significant expatriate and affluent Asian student community in Penang & Kuala Lumpur.  Malaysia is also one of the most popular gateways for other Asian students to English-language undergraduate programs locally, across the causeway in Singapore and in the Western hemisphere.

Your students can also opt to take the Cambridge ESOL and IELTS exam for one of the most competitive prices in Asia without compromising on quality due to the wide availability of English-speakers, high quality test materials available.

You can also enjoy a paid vacation by bringing your students in either for the Holiday Program or to sit for the Cambridge ESOL or IELTS examination.

If you would like to collaborate in bringing students over for next year’s Holiday Program or other such things please correspond with us so we can come up with some great ideas as partners in this collaboration.

You can contact us via facebook (click on box at the top of this blog) , comments or email :




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