The battles with Education will go on and on until it is broken and replaced.

It’s too late to reform and it’s too late to convince other people how they’re thinking about education is wrong. To quote Alvin Toffler, “We’re going to see battles in country after country until this system is broken and replaced.”

I know a lot of people are angry at school for a lot of different reasons. But we don’t have to focus on the fact that it punishes us for mistakes, make us wake up early, force us to conform, kills our creativity, stifle our natural learning styles and aptitudes, makes us so bored that we no longer have a purpose in life, takes away all our precious time in our youth making us do boring, meaningless repetitive drill-work, pressure us to do useless exams which measure nothing, wastes our time and money and energy and our potential to be better.

Most of all, schooling separated us from our parents. We’d be a lot closer to our parents without the expectations they put on us because of their fear of our failure in schools. It makes students feel as if parents don’t understand them and don’t trust them that school is a bad place for learning and for preparing for the young person’s future. Teachers and parents invalidate students, making them feel like they are just “arguing and lazy” when these children are trying to tell them the truth.

My advice is don’t be angry ; forgive. The system is going to collapse whether or not you waste your time trying to “tell other people”. Battle after battle will be fought until this system is broken. In some schools in some countries they have already started preparing students for the future instead of keeping  them in the past. Depending on the level of trust and communication you have with your family the battle with education will be won either today, a few months later, next year, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years.

As I am writing this, hundreds of parents who have been planning it for a few years are finally taking their children out. I don’t know how long your parents will take but this ongoing battles won’t be won overnight. First, the best and most informed parents and business leaders will take their children out first as we have already seen in the homeschooling movement all over the world. They are the “early adopters”. The best educators in the best areas will get the best funding from technology and business companies to run programs that focus on the child’s complete, whole person development; helping the child develop their talents and intelligences, let them discover their style of learning, support their dreams and imagination, give them confidence and teach them Leadership. Not Leadership as in authority, but Leadership as in knowing what you want and knowing how to get it. You can read about such schools in Stephen R. Covey’s The Leader in Me.

For those of you who have already left school your best bet is to start RECOVERING FROM YOUR SCHOOLING EXPERIENCE. The way I put it, there’s a malware in your system and it’s making you unsure about yourself, feeling like you’re not good at anything, handicapping your creativity and your critical thinking, making you unable to use any of the new internet tools effectively. That Malware (malicious software) is slowing down your thinking and learning  in a world where everything is speeding up.



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3 responses to “The battles with Education will go on and on until it is broken and replaced.

  1. Hello,

    I agree with you to a degree! School in the UK, esepcially State Schools, are regimented and can’t keep the Children’s interest for long. This is when Children start to fall behind and not learn what they need.

    I believe a personalised plan for each Student would be good, however, Children’s and Teen’s interests change on a regular basis. So for example:

    Term one: John wants a plan where he can consentrate on learning music and animal care along with the required three ‘R’s’..

    Term two: John decides being a rock star is boring now and so is Animal care, he now wants to become an Artist.

    My question is, who do you keep those personalised goals consistant? Some people are going to waste resources and time on subjects they later decide they no longer want to study.

    This is why Schools do what they think is right and use a one size fits all school system, because they know variation at a young age (from 6 to15) will cost money and resources. Obviously some consistant people will lose out because of that, how do we help them? Just deliver a personalised plan for them?

    Interesting topic! 🙂

    – Phil

    • SC Mak

      Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the insight. Would require another article to answer the profound question you posted! In the meantime I will let your comment sit and percolate in my head and re-read the article I had written – lol.

      Thanks, Phil!

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