Authentic Self in teaching

It’s getting harder and harder each day to be my Authentic Self. A teacher is supposed to lead learners into an uncertain future, prepare them for what is to come, prepare them so they have a chance to make something of themselves in the future. Although most people believe this to be true, few understood that around 1960 that idea of education for the future stopped working.

I’m teaching in a system that is hanging on to a past expecting me to teach English to bring them into a future. HOW? You don’t even have a CHANCE at being successful in any area in life if you’re not a heretic and that is especially true in this age and time when we are crossing a threshold towards a new civilization.

Therein lies the dilemma : For any chance of being successful in the future PLUS English, I have to make students heretics. But I cannot make them heretics because I would turn them against their parents, their traditions and everything else that is holding them back. To help them get a shot at their future is to loosen away a collective mindset that is choking Penang since the 1980s. But how does one remain loyal to 2 minds from the same Master? 1 mind wants the child to have a better future by learning English. Another mind is doing EVERYTHING that sets them back in the past.

I don’t believe parents and teachers are evil. I just believe they’re holding on so tightly to the past that they cannot flow with the Currents and Winds of Change. The problem is, once the wind dies down, your kite isn’t going to be able to fly very high.

So you see, there is absolutely no chance for me to teach English and help these students secure a better future for themselves, not here. I take responsibility that I have failed miserably as a teacher.I believe my only chance of helping people succeed, one person at a time, is to find a place where people are ready and waiting for change but perhaps my desires will awaken a new happening.

Cause of frustration : Parents think INTERNET is bad and exams are good.


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