Birth of a New Civilization through parenting and education.

It seems so odd to folks like me on the other side of this divide to see parents and educators who are content in their disgruntlement towards 20th Century schooling without being able to connect the past to the present and the direction the present is taking us towards a Future our children will have to live in, long after we’re gone.

Parents and educators still think it’s a policy problem or an administrative inefficiency. There’s this whole Revolution going on in the world out there brought upon by demographics,technology and a general mental revolution and we see it and sense it everyday. The evidence of systems of old collapsing are all around us; family institutions, religious traditions, individual roles, financial institutions, our understanding of economics…etc. Do we actually still believe SCHOOLING would be spared?

I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of parents and educators who do not understand or see the things people on this other side of the divide see. Like everyone else on this side of the divide, I live my daily life knowing Change is already here and doing my best to find information and make calculated decisions on how best to prepare our young ones for that future. But so many others lack the perspectives and insights to be able to interpret and make sense of the information and evidence that is staring them in their face everyday. The only people who seem to be getting it are the youths falling in between the cracks of the old order and the new world they were meant to inherit.

I imagine this period in time as a period where our collective Civilization is a Mother going through labor, birthing the results of our struggles and desires as a Civilization over thousands of years.  We,as a Civilization, have been gestating our understanding, creativity,  awareness desires and emotions for so long and are ready for a New Birth. For those of us on the other side, it feels like the medical team standing by to receive this new birth, watching all the vital signs so closely, trying to encourage the mother as she screams in confusion, sometimes resistance, often panic. She has spent thousands of years being hopeful, dreaming of a day when her Child, Humanity, will be free to manifest all their desires, to be free from struggle and hardship and to have Heaven on Earth.

If the labor takes too long, there is the risk the Child will die, along with all the dreams and hopes that our Civilization will finally enjoy the things we have been struggling to achieve for thousands of years : That each of us born will be free to be exactly who we want to be, to do exactly what we wish to do in order to manifest our highest order as a Human Being. No more oppression, strife, fear, violence. –  However, what happens if the mother fails to contract and push according to the pulse of the Revolution that is pounding on her body? What if at this critical period in Time she regresses and starts holding on to her old patterns of fear and pain instead of allowing the Child to come forth, focusing on the birth of her gestated desires? She would risk suffocating the baby, she would risk damaging the New Birth, catapulting her life back again to darkness and fear, and having to try all over again.

If old patterns and systems are too strongly attached to their own identities of themselves, trying to  cling on to the birth that is on its way, it would be like an umbilical cord wound around the fetus’ neck, strangling and drowning what is part of itself which needs to separate.

I don’t know if we can be angry at the parents and educators who are so completely clueless about the things we care about for their children’s future. We can be 100% certain about the fallout in Education because it is impossible that a machinery built to supply industrial obedience and soldiers for the 20th Century can withstand the changes brought upon by the last stage of the Industrial Revolution. Even if political ignorance extends the deadline before the collapse it is merely increasing the chances of damage to the quality of life of millions of people in the future. Who beyond 2000 would need routine-thinking, dumbed down humans who are a lot less efficient than machines?   Which military force beyond 2000 would choose foot soldiers to feed when there are now sophisticated weapons with unimaginable capacities?

We can be sure but the rest of them can’t be sure. Their uncertainty sometimes make us doubt whether we would be able to deliver this New Birth safely and undamaged. I don’t know how we can assure them because those of us on this other side of the divide have spent the last century continuing the awakening of the century before us. All of us born on this side of the divide recognize the knowledge, the insights and we find one another and enable one another. As far as we’re concerned, we’ve been wired since birth to prepare for this Birth. We’ve spent a lifetime searching for answers, the answers that make us 100% sure about how to change the way we’re raising our children and treating their learning and developmental experiences and we have found one another, enabled mostly by books and the Internet. So how can anyone transpose a lifetime of passionate inquiry to enable others to see what we see?

I used to be angry at parents and educators but now I realize, I’d be acting like the GH team that delivered my baby. I was trying my best to understand this first time experience of final stage labor and they were yelling at me to get it right, the faster the better. To them, the experience of birthing has become so common sense that they don’t see why I couldn’t get it. I know now though, that criticism and anxiety wouldn’t help this process of our Civilization going through a New Birth. We have to do what we were trained to do and to do it with the highest level of integrity, compassion and faith that the Birth will come through, the New Civilization will not be birthed too late nor damaged.


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