Why School is Bad for you

I’ve now crossed the threshold from the Innovator’s Dilemma to being able to confidently be like the flight attendant that gestures and says, “This way please to the exit……stay calm but hurry up.”

Hey, nothing to worry about. It’s just the Plane of Education System crashing. No need to hurry. Take your time.theelemetbook They’ve still got fuel (government spending) even though both engines are out. There aren’t going to be enough parachutes for everyone but that’s OK….stay buckled in your seat, like how schools have taught you to just sit down and be a good little boy or girl.

I’m filing this under Thomas Frey’s Future of Education because I plan to bring everything I am coming across which supports the ideas outlined in his paper under one theme.

I hope I have convinced you to get your copy and make at least 5 other people get it too! (I have 2 at least count.) And if you do, please tell me about it so we can share the experience together.

Here are excerpts taken from Ken Robinson’s THE ELEMENT – HOW FINDING YOUR PASSION CHANGES EVERYTHING. Picture for illustration only.


Why haven’t most people found their own distinctive talents and passions?

I believe strongly that if we can each find our Element, we all have the potential for  much higher achievement and fulfillment. Finding your Element is essential to your well-being and ultimate success.

People have a very limited conception of their own natural capacities. A major factor for everyone, is Education (Schooling).

Many brilliant creative people did not do well at school and didn’t really discover what they could do and who they really were until they’d left school and RECOVERED FROM THEIR EDUCATION.

Education often doesn’t help people find their passion and talents and often has the opposite effect (squandering the talents and creative capacities of children RUTHLESSLY.)

Many people leave school unsure of their real talents and of what direction to take next.

Schools all around the world are predicated on the idea of academic ability and force people who do not take naturally to learning this way. Our education systems increasingly encourage teachers to teach students in a uniform fashion. These approaches to education are also stiffling some of the most important capacities that young people now need to make their way in the increasingly demanding world of the 21st Century – the Power of Creative Thinking.

All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think. When children are very young, they aren’t particularly worried about being wrong. If they aren’t sure what to do, they’ll just have a go at it and see how things turn out.

Our Education system stiffles the individual talents and abilities of too many students and killing their motivation to learn.


21st Century jobs and competitiveness depend absolutely on the very qualities that school systems are being forced to tamp down.

Our Education System is like the steam engine and it’s run out of steam. (Nowadays we;re using the internal combustion engine)

2 major drives of change – technology and demography, especially digital technology is developing at a rate that most people cannot properly grasp. Before long we may see the merging of information systems with human consciousness.People over the age of 30 were born before the digital revolution really started. Younger children who are growing up with even more sophisticated technologies will outperform all of us and this revolution is not over – it’s only begun.

The world population has doubled in the last 30 years and will be 50% more by the time our children are adults. These 9 billion people will be using technologies that have yet to be invented in ways we cannot imagine and in jobs that don’t yet exist.

For me, one of the formative books of the 1970s was Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock. And the changes are accelerating.

Many people set aside their passions to pursue things they don’t care about for the sake of financial security. The fact is, anytime this job you did “to pay the bills” could be easily done by someone elsewhere. If you have never learned to think creatively and to explore your true capacity what will you do then?

What will our children do if we continue to prepare them for life using the old models of education? Many will certainly have jobs which we haven’t even conceived.

When the only thing we know about the future is that it will be different, we would all be wise to do the same – be different.


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