The Education Revolution – Part 2

Read The Education Revolution Part 1 here.

How did the people of England react to this? In fact, the vast bulk of the population were very angry at the way the Roman Catholic Church had used them as a source of money. To get married you had to pay; to get a child baptised (which you needed to be if you were to go to Heaven – so the Catholic Church preached) you had to pay; you even had to pay the Church to bury someone on their land (which you had to do as your soul could only go to Heaven if you were buried on Holy Ground). Therefore, the Catholic Church was very wealthy while many poor remained just that….poor. Their money was going to the Catholic Church. Therefore, there were no great protests throughout the land as many felt that Henry would ease up on taking money from them. Henry knew of the Catholic Church’s unpopularity and, therefore, used this to his advantage.

How did the people parents and students of the early 21st century react to this? In fact, the vast bulk of the population were very angry at the way their governments had used them as a source of labor and taxes. To go to work you had to pay for daycare on top of taxes, to get a child a decent education you no tax rebates to pay for  private schools or tuition, you even had to pay hundreds of dollars for transport and tuition, uniforms and school fees (which you had to do so as the only way your child can have a small chance at a better future is to be able to learn something after schooling squandered his childlike curiosity to learn.) Therefore, state-controlled schooling could squander children’s youth because by the time these children grew up, the ministers would all have retired. Meanwhile, Ministers could afford to send their own children and children of their relatives elsewhere to prestigious private schools to avoid attending local schools whose problems they failed to address.Many poor and middle-class parents remained just that……..working and cash-strapped. Their money was going towards taxes, extra coaching for examinations, private schools and overseas universities. Therefore, there were no great protests throughout the land. The Opposition knew of the schooling system’s unpopularity and, therefore, used it to his advantage.

Henry was made Supreme Head of the Church by an Act of Parliament in 1534. The country was still Catholic but the pope’s power had been ended.

The New Opposition Leader was made Supreme Head of Education by an Act of Parliament in 2012. The country still had schools but the power of state-controlled education had been ended.

The most wealthy Catholics in England were the monasteries where monks lived. They were also the most loyal supporters of the pope. This made them a threat to Henry.

Those who did well in the old system were authoritative, unprofessional tuition and school teachers who took advantage of the less educated populace in scaring them that not being able to get “As” would mean not being able to succeed in life. These people of course had no background at all in education otherwise they’d come out in the open with their blogs and books citing research and support for their style of teaching. They played on people’s 3Ks – kiasu, kiasi, kiabochiak.

Another group who did well were “contractors” who got kickbacks supplying anything from plastic to unnecessary workbooks to completely useless teacher training programs or organizing free 5-star lunches. While learning and growing is a natural drive among competent, talented and intelligent people, these two main groups knew they had no other valuable service to offer society once their protected status feeding the inflated schooling machinery was diminished.

They were a threat to the new Opposition Leader.

By the time of Henry, many monks had grown fat and were lazy. Many tuition teachers, schoolteachers and school suppliers had grown fat and lazy. They did not help the community as they were meant to do. They were not helping the community as they were meant to do. All they seemed to do was take money from the poor. All they seemed to be doing was take money from the government, which was really, the people’s hard-earned tax money. Also some monasteries were huge and owned vast areas of land. Many school teachers who were also tuition teachers and many tuition teachers who taught how to cheat in tests owned lots of real-estate held in their family members’ names. So here were monks not loyal to Henry who were also very wealthy. So here were people whose rice bowls have been affected. Henry decided to shut down the monasteries of England. The monasteries were to disappear like sugar dissolves in hot liquid. This is why Henry’s attack on the monasteries is called the ‘Dissolution’ – they were to be dissolved! The New Opposition Leader directed the IRS to investigate the backgrounds of contractors of all kinds who took advantage of the broken system. Teachers found to have earned money at all were asked to sell of their properties and pay back whatever salary they took from the government. They were to be “dissolved”.

Many school teachers who abused their position to get both “tuition money” and a salary together with those who were found to have earned money selling useless educational franchises, workbooks and programmes to schools were investigated and found guilty. Only those who did not teach using a school-based curriculum or approach were unaffected as they were teaching the sort of things parents and students wanted all along.

Few people in England were sorry to see them go. Few taxpayers were sorry to see these teachers, lecturers and school contractors go. Few monks protested as they were given pensions or jobs where their monastery was. Few teachers protested as some were approaching retirement and were given pensions or other jobs. Property and asets confiscated from education officers and school teachers who earned from tuition and school contractors who supplied unnecessary, highly-priced products and services were auctioned at an almost free price or given to communities to form community learning resource centres. School buildings were converted into multi-purpose collaborative and social platforms for healthy engagement. Parents could chip in to pay qualified and caring professionals from the real working world to teach their children about leadership, learning to learn skills, thinking skills, responsible use of technology, sports, etc.

As you can imagine the Education Revolution set the ball rolling and brought with it a synergy of all the current thoughts on education and learning. This eventually culminated into a worldwide Education Reformation which led to another Renaissance of sorts which would last a lot longer. During this Gold Age which was later said to have started in 2000, the human civilization unleashed a potential unseen in the history of its civilization. In less than 100 years it had created a super-race who was stronger, smarter, more innovative, moral, and learned much better and faster than any human in any time in human history. The cognitive capabiliies of humans jumped manyfolds and with that their understanding of their brain also increased creating a virtuous circle of creation and expansion. Every human being had the multidisciplinary inteligence of the likes of Albert Einstein as well as prodigies and saints throughout human history. Soon, the gene that controlled aging and deterioration was discovered, giving some the choice to be immortal. New planets and systems were discovered and they accelerated their arrival as a space-age civilization.

The fantasies and imagination of just a few generations before them became manifesed as a reality far superior than what their ancestors had ever imagined. They had crossed from Civilization 0 to Civilization 1 in just 50 short years from the important shift in Earth’s Magnetic Pole in 2012.

Earth’s civilization would’ve been brought to an end had this Education Revolution not occured before 2020 because the children who were born between 1985 onwards had been left broken, damaged and apathetic towards being a human. They viewed life as “study, exams, graduate, marry, procreate, die.” They had a “wait for death” mentality and couldn’t care less about their own destiny as a human being. Had the Education Revolution not happened or failed while the Baby Boomers & Gen-Xers were strong enough to take down the Old Order, Human Civilization as we knew it, would never be able to restore their Humanity and Ecology, thus plundering the Earth towards its demise.

Read Part 1 here.



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  1. homeschoolnewbie

    Loved it! As a homeschool mom, I now feel like Zena Warrior Princess!

  2. homeschoolnewbie

    Love it! Keep it up… I’m subscribing!

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