It’s not Intelligence….

I started making friends again, in the last 2 years, with people who were not classically dumbed down by schooling and society. In sharing my thoughts and epiphanies, they think I am very “intelligent” for someone my age. I wonder how old I would have to be before people equated wisdom and learning with age. But the point I’m trying to make is that I don’t think it’s “Intelligence” or “Cleverness”.

In the world I grew up in, people tend to equate intelligence with a method of learning or ability to come up with answers and to equate again method, learning and answers, to aptitude. We seem to think there are hierarchies to a person’s value to society and that hierarchy of value is determined by Learnedness or Talent or Both.  This is very untrue.

It appears that if you learn something slower, you are stupid. Or if you have less marketable talents, you are untalented. Those are assumptions that schools tell you because schools want to label people according to what value they can extract from them.

So people think I am “intelligent” and wonder where I get all my knowledge or wisdom from.  People’s assumptions are that intelligence comes from learning and there is a method to learning. When I say I am not intelligent, I am not trying to be self-effacing. I am trying to say, “You cannot measure me the way you’ve measured yourself against everything else in your life.” What we tend to generalize as intelligence basically means verbal-linguistics intelligence as an outlet to manifest synthesis of ideas and information percolating in the mind. The verbal-linguistics aptitude gives the, “That’s what I’ve been thinking but not knowing how to say it” effect. Because people had judged their ability to not be able to verbalise a thought (concrete or abstract) as a form of arrested intelligence, the opposite (based on how things are being measured) – the ability to verbalise it, becomes immediately associated with intelligence. For as long as I can remember, I have denied the perception that having strong verbal-linguistic abilities is a sign of being “more Intelligent”. It is only so because our perceptions have been colored by a world which glorifies this particular intelligence at the detriment of allowing other forms of intelligence to take their rightful place.

The civilizations which have come to dominate the worldviews we find ourselves in chose a particular intelligence over others. You see, they didn’t have the likes of Prof. Howard Gardners combined with mass media+social media back then. There was never an authority who could simultaneously command respect from the worldview created (leaning heavily towards V-L) while advocating for and validating (through empirical work) th other forms of intelligences. In the history of Man, 30 years is not long. Thus, for the majority of us alive today, our perceptions of Intelligence is mostly erronous and coloured by the influences of our time. (How else could we escape being products of our unconscious conditioning?)

When it comes to acquiring new information, the speed and ease in which I am capable of also does not merit being called “Intelligent” (based on the commonly used definition of the word).  We tend to think of learning as “inputting” and the ability to retain what we have input. But I don’t always conform to that guideline of “learning”. For me, I don’t perceive my learning process as an “inputting” of new data and then coming out with relevant wisdom.  The sense is more like, I approach learning with an end in mind that I already knew this material and I just need to be reminded of “updates” by others on this matter. Thus, the so-called acquisition or learning  is not a purposeful act or process of collecting. It is described more as  an awakening/remembrance of information that was already preloaded from birth. That is how it feels like.

I’m writing this because I think we glorify intelligence and achievements too much. We live in a world of duality still. I am not trying to be humble. I feel it is unethical of me to let people think I am “intelligent” based on their benchmarks when I don’t deserve such merit. All of us are forms of Intelligence and to think someone is more intelligent is creating a duality between them and us.

So what to do? When you think someone is intelligent, see that you must also be an Intelligence otherwise that Intelligent Person will not be attracted to you. What I have is not Intelligence, it is a slightly more evolved Consciousness. With this level of Consciousness, learning does not have to happen only through the Classical method. Instead, learning comes when one  intuits and awakens and attracts to self what is needed to complete a wisdom or awakening.

In the near future all of us will function this way. You are a part of that Consciousness which you admire now as Intelligence. You need to disengage from your Ego’s definition of clever, indoctrinated to you through the schooling system in order to access this higher consciousness of Intelligence.

I believe that there is a way to open your channels to receive this Speed of Reception but I haven’t come across enough evidence to help others with that. But I have a suspicion that learning with me and around me alters and accelerates the learning matrix of a person.

In this world of duality, it is as if it’s a “Bonus” to have this gift of rapid assimilation. I think people need to ask tougher questions about Intelligence. Intelligence is not something used to get better grades at school or accelerate faster in your money-making career. (Though of course, it’s a little unfair since our world was set-up this way.)

I wonder if people realize that Giftedness is not a commodity or a utility that should be benchmarked in our competitive and dysfunctional society. It isn’t something to be glorified nor coveted and it is not even a desire to be merited with it using the benchmarks of our current world. What is defined as “Intelligence” is merely a beginning, a window, an Introduction to the new level of humanity. Soon, in under 100 years, we will all be there. Some people just have to be drivers.  It is a function, not a thing to be glorified, admired or merited.

However, in driving ahead we cannot always do what we will soon leave behind. Often there is a protracted adolescence (even childhood), an arrested development that plagues us (or benefits us). In my focus of the task at hand, there are many things I cannot perform, things which our Human Race have not manufactured the solutions yet. And I need help in those areas.

But it will not always be like this. By the time more of us crossover, we would’ve manufactured these solutions already. I will not mention them without being asked because being too clairvoyant can stretch your rubberband so much you will tune out to me completely!

I hope people accept that Intelligence shouldn’t be defined by our current materialist perceptions. Intelligence is not about being well-known, making more money, getting good grades or acclaims and awards. Intelligence is about driving the Push. As long as people have this perception that, “Wow, this person is so smart” it puts a lot of pressure on an individual because being “smart” in our materialist world sometimes also means, “We need a hero not to fail.”


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