A message to my students.

Dear students,

Let me tell you what I’m up to. As some of you might know, I have been trying to bring world-class English language learning into our classrooms hoping to prepare learners for the 21st Century. In the past 2 years, I have been running my own Incubator Language Center to experiment with how Chinese-speakers improve the best. I have come up with very useful information and experience to help EVERYONE succeed. I have found an approach which GUARANTEES success in learning.


I would now like to duplicate and share this success with anyone who wants to improve themselves. Let me tell you my goals :

  • Help young people understand how learning happens. This will improve their confidence.
  • Help them understand and prepare for the Change that is sweeping the world! Explain to them the changes that are happening in the 21st Century. You realize the world has changed yet many teachers and parents fight that change and want you to live a life exactly like how they have lived.
  • Help young people learn things about Life that Schools never prepared them for.
  • Help young people share and develop the skills for 21st Century Learning .
  • Show them the direction and the tools they need to understand how to make their dreams come true.
  • Learning happens best in an environment with support and collaboration among friends.
  • Learning must be natural and easy, not stressful. AsiansforEnglish002

To understand these things, students need an environment to learn, practice and understand all these new things.

I will be creating an ONLINE E-classroom which will be launched in 2010. I hope you sign-up now because it’s going to be free forever for the first 100 students. You can find this by going to my website www.englishforasians.com

On top of that, I will be creating a community of learners to collaborate, support each other and practise their skills. These are skills we need to practise before using them in the real world. We will incorporate both theories and practise. Whatever theories I teach in my lessons, I will give you projects to practise them out and give you a chance to discuss whether the things you are learning will benefit you or not. In other words, I am teaching you to THINK like a professional and will be there to guide you all the way.

But why am I doing all this?

After many years in teaching and doing my research,I realize that the problem of schooling is not only in Malaysia. Everywhere in the world, the Old Economy is not willing to give in to the New Economy. This is hurting a lot of people. Many young people feel lost. They feel unprepared for the real world. They feel hopeless and there’s no one to guide them.

Isn’t this the responsibility of schools, universities and language centres? School as it was and still is.

Yes. But I’m sure you know how that works in Malaysia. By the time we wait for them to even become AWARE of the challenges of the 21st Century, you would be 40 years old.  Do you know how long it takes your teachers and principals to Understand, Learn and Change?

How much does it cost to be part of this learning?


The online-learning and collaborating platform will be free. I haven’t really figured out the source of revenue yet.   Yes, it is a lot of hard work because no one really has all the answers about 21st Century Learning. Another reason not to charge is because it has been my lifelong wish to see education as an enabler towards equality, community and synergy among human creative potential. While it has not been possible to do that on a scalable size with a physical set-up, the generosity of the people on the Internet who created open-software has enabled me to do this by contributing only talents, time and minimal resources.

Like you, I too would like to see a better world and we are very fortunate to be born at a time when 20th Century Industrial-schooling has lost its ground amidst the disruptive forces returning us to the origins and transcendental narrative of learning.

I know what you’re thinking, that why aren’t our public schools, government or politicians driving an initiative to do something about your education? I don’t know about them, but I’m doing this simply because I’ve worked hard in making choices in my life that enabled me to do this for you right here, right now. I’m doing it because I can and I hope you realize too that there are many things you can do.

In return, what you can do is help me build this community. These are the things you can do :

  • Tell me what you want, think and feel and how I can help you.
  • Tell people about the vision we have.
  • Contribute by sharing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, questions and opinions.
  • Whatever you’re learning, share it with someone else. Teach others what you have found to be meaningful.

Learning breaks down barriers. Learning bridges borders.

I look forward to your questions. Without questions, I would just be shooting blanks into space.

~ Sloane Mak.

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