The Indigo Child as an Adult

I’ve recently discovered the concept of Indigo Child.

Many adults feel that by forcing children to conform to traditions where children must obey and behave, conform to institutions like state-authorities (legal,schooling,working) children will grow up to be good. But they cannot understand that if continue to raise children in the image of a dysfunctional society we then subject them to inherit unquestioned beliefs about what living means. There is no way to break the vicious cycle of tradition and conformity because children are vulnerable and depend on adults for survival and modelling. Well, unless some of these children were born with an innate drive that CANNOT conform even if they wanted to. To these children, to conform feels like they are about to disintegrate. It is like a built-in self-destruct mechanism that alerts the child to its Purpose – to not perpetuate the dysfunction he is asked to inherit.

Many people are skeptical about the Indigo Child. I would be too except what’s the alternative for children who will not obey? Medicating them? Who benefits from debunking the myth of the Indigo Child? Pharmaceutical companies and the very same institutions they came to break down- schools, the legal system, ruling elites, institutionalized religions.

However, if we think about it in another way, what benefit is there to disbelief that each and every one of us is special? No benefit of course. And what benefit is there to believe each and every one of us has a right to be accepted the way we are, to belong without prejudice? The benefits to society would be enormous. Each of us would be empowered to be ourselves, to challenge ourselves to be creators of a better world.

Which world would you like to live in? A world where you suffer through school, love, work, old age, disease and die? Or a world that is fair, just, abundant and full of joy? Would you like to feel like a slave to life or a master of creation?

These hierarchies have been wreaking havoc on earth with their power struggles and trying to deny that people are anything else but Human Resources / Labor.  A hierarchy of elites with protocols to keep generation after generation of the masses sedated and to be made to feel like rejects should they disturb the status quo.

They say that parents want to believe their child is special. But every child IS special. So what are the skeptics trying to say? That their own children are not special? What’s the interpretation behind that? That if you are not special, you cannot lead change, your ideas are stupid and you will end up enslaving yourself as Labor in our thousands of year old establishment – the Pyramid of Power.

The history of my unrelenting disagreement about institutions, society and schooling echoes the sentiments of many who have come before me and for many who will come after me.  How different are we from those who end up frustrated and thwarted at every step of trying to break down the old institutions? When I read about school shootings I deeply empathize with them. I am not justifying their morality but what do people with so much Rage? Rage is an emotion and all strong emotions are separated from the origins of Love.

I know people are afraid of children who come into this world with memories of the change they ought to bring to this world. People are afraid of children who want to decide who they are, what they wish to create. Egos are afraid they will perish when Change comes.  But it is only within this realm beyond the status quo that the acceleration of Change can bring results, can reverbrate strong enough for change to materialize, to manifest.


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