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I’d just finished skimming through The Leader in Me last night and it did mention the importance of alignment. I think it’s interesting what ‘you’ (the past me) say out of instinct keeps finding data/expert information to back it up. It builds my confidence in myself to know that.

Secondly, what you said about spidering sounds like what I’d just read last night in Howard Gardner’s 5 MINDS OF THE FUTURE. In fact, I shared those few lines in today’s class : Those with shrewd scaffoling can participate in several disciplines.

I find it very reassuring that evidence continue to turn up to support your thoughts and instincts. I bought 5 Minds around the final week of April. I know you were worried about writing something like this, an issue that’s been at the back of your mind for years, because you didn’t want to sound like you were bragging. But I’m glad you overcame your fears of ‘sounding crazy’ because it gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that mentioning the ability to magnetize information to support a theory doesn’t jinx it.

I know it’s hard to qualify ‘research’ that goes on only in your head, where only you are conducting, supervising and evaluating it. I’m beginning to see that the ability to magnetize information isn’t something hocus-pocus that can be jinxed just because you admitted it. I think what is happening is that you’re conducting a scientific inquiry on your own – you have a hypothesis and then you look out for data/information that will either over time support or reject your hypothesis.

Because you come up with hypotheses all the time, the timeline among the different hypotheses can overlap. Instead of traditional inquiry which looks out for only information/data that will confirm or reject one objective, you are ‘spidering’ for a FEW objectives at the same time. Some conclusions are arrived at before others and some conclusions preceed the emergence of the next objective. It is like a series of S-curves sometimes, overlapping one another.

Occassionally, 2 points from 2 different objective/inquiries meet one another. This synergy or fusion will then create a NEW OBJECTIVE to inquiry…..which will suddenly find a synergy or fusion with another/older ONGOING mental observation/inquiry to either arrive at a better conclusion/conviction or be the genesis for the next objective/inquiry/hypothesis to be pursued.

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