My time is up….the end is near, so let is Snowball.

I would like to insist that none of the things I talk about are new nor novel. If they, for some reason, appear eye-opening or insightful to you, the credit goes to many thinkers and writers that have gone before me. The only thing I can take credit for is how I sometimes, attempt, to meld existing information into narrative digestives and putting them up – like this.

The availability of online blogging made this sharing possible and that’s all that matters to me. It took 10 years of silencing the inner-critic for this to happen. I even gotten some advice from people who told me not to publish anything electronically because then the copyright would be lost. But I suppose that’s only valid for academic papers and works of fiction. Who in the world would want to sound like me anyway? Besides, I believe in a world of abundance and reciprocity; there’s a revolution going on out there, there’s more than enough action for everyone to get a piece of sumthin’!

I think the idea of the threat of people plagiarising off another person is OTT. (over-the-top)Sharing is caring, right? I live on a philosophy of abundance; 2 plates of Char Koay Teow, keh-liao. If someone wants to ridicule themselves trying to sound like me, …it’s really not an insult, you know? Think about what good can come out of it; the plagiariser would make my ideas known to more people and proliferate even further knowledge expansion and thought. Everyone loves a freebie but no one wants to give out any, notice that? So, when it comes to the thought of someone ripping my ideas off, I think I’m going to be OK with that.

As for my belief in reciprocity, I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “What goes around, comes back around.” I don’t plagiarise. I don’t see a need to plagiarise. Anyone who has to plagiarise might as well consider a new career path for their own mental and spiritual health. Everyone wants to be able to make a living and go to sleep at night, right? Having said that, once in a while, when I see that someone else had put what I had wanted to say in better context than what I could’ve come up with, I’d lift that part to fit into the rest of the context of an argument I’m making. But I cite the source – so that’s not plagiarism then…I suppose. ???

Besides, do you know what the greatest drawback would be? The things I think and blog about are not tea-talk pieces. They’d make enemies out of friends. They are not topics you can sit on the fence on. They’d even make you sound a bit off your rockers if you bring them up in a social setting.

Blogging and I are strange bedfellows due to the fact that ‘blogs’ are an avenue to

  1.  self-publish
  2. advocate a thought or opinion while hiding under an electronic veil of anonymity! and
  3. a medium which is completely uncritical of a person’s lack of ability to edit for clarity.

The only reason I decided to put my thoughts out on public domain is because my time is up……….my end is near. I’ve delayed writing – no, actually, I’ve been writing for 20 years, I just burn everything I write on but the speed of change is finally catching up with my ideas. Holding myself back has done nothing for my life except cause protracted adolescence and the guilt that comes with not allowing a thought of mine to be unleashed, to gather momentum and magnetize other similar thoughts/people in order to put the wedge in the door. It’s time we allow radical thoughts to Snowball.

Enough over-thinking, really.


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