Young people should know

I should write a book about ………I have to write a book revolving around the themes that decide whether a child grows up to be  underachieving, mediocre or outstanding within one’s lifetime. The problem with just blogging is that once you reach a certain number of posts, other posts worth reading get buried.

I don’t think any child comes into this world wanting to slave away at a job they hate, live a life that is filled with a sense of despair or desperation and a general sense of unfulfillment. I don’t think a chid comes into this world knowing everything that would make them happy is not within their reach.

Each young person

(1) has a right to know that they have a purpose in this world, and happiness and achievement is a birthright.

(2)Every young person should be able to distinguish the purpose of learning from the purpose of the educational institution.  They need to understand the myth about schooling. They have right to not accept being treated like an unworthy person by their unworthy teachers. They have a right be empowered so that they do not let these so-called authorities rob them of a sense of self-worth.

(3) ……The myth about families. The myth about social acceptance and conformity.

(4) How every person is a product of programming. And this knowledge empowers you to recognize that all you have to do is reprogramme your thoughts to affect your emotions, actions and the results in your life.

(5) How economies work. How companies are structured and what earning an income actually means. How generating value correlates to income, self-development and affluence. A life where you can have it all.

(6) The path to happiness. Why Happiness is the root of Success and not something you postpone until you are successful. Happiness is not elusive. You don’t have to be either poor and happy or rich but miserable. We are not the products of our parents and the generations before us. We are the beneficiaries of the visionaries and transcendentalists before us.

(7) Heart is everything.

(8) Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The problem with the world is the people who are trying to do the right thing will stop coz they are told they couldn’t do it, while the people who are carrying out vices will not stop just because it shouldn’t be done.

(9) REALITY is not a concrete and permanent fact. REALITY is a fluid mass perception. Critical mass changes reality. TIME, MONEY,SPACE are not absolutes. We are only limited by the things we know.

(10) Learning how to learn : How we lost that ability by an education system that dumbs you down. The things your teachers will never teach you.

(11) Why your teachers don’t teach you those things. They don’t know it themselves. Our job is not to be a watered down version of our teachers, but to learn what we can from them and then expand that knowledge base exponentially to let future generations be the beneficiaries. If we hold on to a tradition where a student is not greater than the teacher, a reductionist habit coupled with a consumerist behaviour will reduce us to dumb hungry ghosts.

(12) Why being humble works against you. Never mistake low self-esteem with humility. The mystery of why some people like to put you down – they are afraid to succeed.

(13) If you think learning is expensive, try ignorance.

(14) The capitalist is wrong to if he thinks love, ethics, morals, values and inspiration is over-rated. The romantic person is wrong to think that creating wealth, managing affluence and being driven is over-rated. They’re both wrong, and they’re both wasting their potential in making this world a better place.

(15) If you’re going to complain endlessly about something, just go do something about it. It takes the same amount of energy to complain than it does to take action. It takes the same amount of energy to think positively and to think negatively.

(16) There is no such thing as ‘this is me, and that is them’. There is only a collection of the programming we’ve been exposed to. There is no absolute me as a person; beauty, talent, inheritance. All are relevant only as a collective perception. Only one thing is real – and that is love.

(17) A lot of people complain they are not happy, rich, etc. Ask anyone if they want to be rich and happy – they would say, “Who wouldn’t?”. Then ask them if they’re willing to do the same things rich people do, change the way they are doing things – and you will hear a self-diagnosis of why they will never be.

(18) Unhappiness is a dissonance in the equation between what you want and what you are getting. If what you want is to have very few possessions and to eat tree barks and river water everyday, but you are a billion dollar heir – you will be unhappy. If what you want is to have a life of affluence and freedom, but you are chained to a job, mortgages and a plastic supported lifestyle – you will be unhappy. HAPPINESS, on the other hand, is the perfect equilibrium between what you expect and what you are getting.

The simplest way to be happy is to either change what you expect, or change what you are getting.

(19) Change is easier said than done. It would be very difficult for a person who has high self-esteem to beat themselves down until they accept the sort of conditions a person with poor self-esteem lives with. The same difficulty is experienced by the person with low self-esteem who wants to undo the conditions he is living in. Intoxicants help the higher self to plunge to a lower level, the same way positive reinforcements like rightful knowledge, help the lower self to climb to a higher one.

(20) Young people should know. Parents should know. Teachers should know.


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